Positive media mentions... Neymar case

  • I thought the media dividends were for POSITIVE mentions in media... How can Neymar and a possible rape case (innocent or guilty) possibly be construed as positive?!?!

  • think its been said they auto get added then have to be manually taken down so maybe someones been on their coffee break a little longer than they should have been, should be taken down before midnight for sure

  • having said that ive x300 of him so i would gladly take the 3p top spot at 12 should he still be there through their incompetence

  • They will end up being taken off - usually do.

    And if they don't its a Brucie for those of us with a few shares in him - plus an e-mail to customer services will get position 6 paid out, so pray for both ;-)

  • It's like groundhog day on this forum. We end discussing the same issues over and over again.

    Just before anyone asks, the deadline for MB and PB is 2pm, but for IPDs it's midnight.

  • @ocs123

    Is the Copa America eligible for PB? :-P

  • @Weggers83 now that would be lovely. If there were Messi would be north of £5 now

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