Sean Longstaff

  • Does anyone know if there’s any substance to these transfer rumours? I’m think of cashing out while he’s on the up

  • Unfortunately for Man U fans there could be substance.
    Has he played more than a dozen premier league games?
    I'm holding and can see the move going through but as and when you take a profit is up to you😉
    I'm waiting for the big names but are they gonna come Utds way🤔

  • I think the story might have legs. The big stars won't go to Man U as they're not in the CL and don't currently have the same pull as they once had. Longstaff is the type of young, hungry player OGS wants to start afresh and rebuild.

  • I don’t think there’s any chance it will happen this summer. No one at Newcastle, player, manager or owner (current) will see this as the right move now. It’d take £40m plus to shift that thinking I reckon.

    They don’t need the money. Diame is gone, Shelvey doesn’t seem liked, ki is seen as backup. This kid is first choice if fit at the start of the season.

    I’m holding but only as I think the speculation will continue and price will rise, as it’s not going to happen in reality.

    Interested to know if any toon fans agree/disagree

    Ps - if his brother is ipo’d, then get in on him too.

  • I just think why on earth go for Longstaff when you have Mctominay?

  • I said it in an earlier thread but I’ll say it here again he is a really good player and he will be an England international next season regardless of if he moves or not. When he does I can see his price going up to £2 and he’s already won media buzz this summer. I’ll be holding for the long term.

  • @TwattyRaphael Geordie lad through and through can’t see him going imo

  • @Gazz127 "Unfortunately for Man U fans there could be substance."

    🤣🤣 I like it.....

  • I can see it happening
    And if it’s for only around 25mil it’s not too bad
    He plays in a similar style to carrick
    Can’t be much worse than Fred

  • I got onto him at the end of the season thinking ill make a few quid from him coming back from injury.

    I certainly wasn't expecting this attention from Man U but I'm not complaining :D

    If I was him though I'd stay at Newcastle and establish himself there. Going to a dysfunctional large club like Manchester United as it is now carries too high a risk of failure and setting your reputation back years.

  • His priced dropped last week when he said he was staying at The Toon. I market sold .Wish I'd stayed in. Learning fast in my first transfer market.

  • No chance they’d sell for the £25m quoted

  • @Elmer I’m a Newcastle fan and from the games he’s played he does look like a very good player. Very composed on the ball. As for the move to Man U he’s already came out and said that it’s his dream to play for Newcastle growing up as a Newcastle fan so I don’t think it will happen however who actually knows with mike Ashley owning the club. Any place he can sell a player for 20 odd mill or more to buy someone for 1.5 mil he’s all over it but like you said with takeover rumours the loss of Diame leaving us short in midfield I don’t think it will happen but I don’t think it will affect his price if he comes out next season playing like he did last season I think his price will just keep rising over £2

  • @Ryan-Nufc yeah I think if he stays and continues to look the real deal then speculation will keep him growing. He’ll look better playing in an nufc team anyway.

    I reckon as much as Ashley would like the money, he’s a gambler and will think he can get more later. I doubt he’s a cash out/instant sell kind of bloke.

    Will be heading to £2 easy when he gets a first call up.

  • The guardian reporting that united are on the verge of completing the deal 👀

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I'm getting slightly tired of Utd transfer rumours.

  • @Gazz127 I'm getting tired of all the rumours. Wish teams would get on with it and sign some players ffs.

  • So where on earth are we with this transfer as it's getting a tad tiresome.

    Anyone think it will happen?

  • bored of it already. I sold a couple of days ago while in good profit. £50 million apparently is crazy for him though!!

  • Seen as he is in the squad that is literally about to fly to China I'm not sure this happening any time soon...if at all

    Cashley wont sell for anything under £50mil. So unless Man United are stupid (like Liverpool in the Carroll deal) I doubt this will happen.

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