Che Adams.

  • There you have it. Che Adams is the future for England. I'm going to cash in my Kane, Rashford and Brewster straight away! 😁😂😁

  • @Azer182 well time will tell but I think you’re wrong about Southampton I expect the will upset a few this season and I personally think they will finish top half may even get to Europe and they have 2 or 3 players who will turn heads this season and the boss will be the team member that gets noticed the most

  • Well Kane’s getting a bit injury prone at the moment for my liking and rashford would be better if he has better players around him but for me the end of the season stats will be proof of the pudding and as for pumping I don’t think i need to coz his price reflects that I’m not the only person that feels he’s a good prospect

  • He's 1 of most natural instinctive goalscorers in the league, put him in top 6 side and he will be up there with the so called big boys
    , doubt he will be on pens which is a pity for obv reasons

  • No real reason to ridicule people’s opinions 🤦‍♂️
    I think he will do just fine at Southampton who I think will be hard to beat this season and probably finish in the top half.
    My first comment was about him being in the England set up in a few years which I totally believe but I would not sell your Kane shares just yet.
    Let’s put Englands top five strikers in order and then we can see why he does not really have too much competition.

    1. Kane
    2. Rashford
    3. Wilson
    4. Loftus-Cheek
    5. Calvert-Lewin
      They are probably the top five English strikers I can think of unless I have missed someone?

    After Kane there is Rashford 17 league goals in two seasons.
    Then Wilson 22 league goals in two seasons and injury prone.
    Loftus-Cheek 8 league goals in 48 games half of them for Chelsea.
    Calvert-Lewin 10 Goals in 67 games.

    You see the bar is really not that high when it comes to English strikers so maybe just maybe he can become a regular for England.

  • @Big-Daddy I wouldn't class Loftus-Cheek as a striker. I do however see your point in the lack of depth. I do hold Adams and think he has a big future. I would suggest that if Southgate was to select his squad now he would go with Kane, Rashford and one of Wilson, Brewster, Greenwood, Abraham or Adams. For me Wilson is ahead purely because of his premier league record. I would also say Greenwood and Brewster are ahead of Adams and I base this purely on the hype surrounding them. Adams has had more first team football and so statistically should be ahead of them but he isn't at United or Liverpool and there isn't this huge hype around him. I hope for my bank accounts sake that a strong start from Adams will see the hype around him rise and a rumor or 2 of a move to a top side.

  • @Big-Daddy RLC is a centre mid mate

  • To be fair, Ruben Loftus Cheek probably has more chance of playing up front for England at Euro 2020, than Che Adams has.

  • Che is good but it is very early doors to be saying he will get in England squad. Will see how he gets on this season in the prem, hopefully saints start him. He was good for us and scored a lot of goals with not so many opportunities but that is against championship defenses. Either way he is a steal at 15mil, I was surprised Leicester didn't go for him.

  • Well if anything the premier will find anyone out if he can do well in the most competitive league in the world then ya got to say Southampton is a temporary stop gap before Liverpool raid them as they like to do and as matey says we don’t have many prolific strikers that are English

  • @Big-Daddy I think sterling has to be included in this example...England played him in a second striker role for the World Cup, personally I’d be amazed if Che Adams manages to make the England squad next summer

  • Know one knows how injuries after a hard season will affect the national selection I remember last year at the WC Southgate taking half fit players to the WC the market is a very volatile place anyway let’s see ! I bet when Pukki gets IPO’d he gets to a higher price than Adams on hype

  • I never said this summer 😂 I said 2-3 years and I said a few years nothing about this summer.....I do agree Sterling could be put into the running too.

  • @Big-Daddy well if you’re talking longer term then I think it’s even less likely, rashford Kane sterling Callum Hudson-odoi Brewster and Greenwood will all probably be ahead of him in the next 2-3 years. Don’t get me wrong he’ll probably get a few caps for England but that doesn’t mean much anymore

  • two friendlies in a row he has scored in first minute. Looking tasty - Soton have been a good side lacking a striker since Pelle left. Could be the missing ingredient to propel them back to 8-12th instead of bottom 5.

    English... 2123... striker... £1.05...first team choice... scoring in friendliess..?!?! should be £4 :)

  • @Vespasian32 he's 23 ;), good player but will see how he stacks up in the Prem

  • Troy deeney edition 2. That’s a good thing for Southampton.

  • Who’s Southamptons penalty taker?

  • @Uncle-G it would have been between jwp/ings/Austin... Austin wont play, looks like ings might be replaced too with Adams starting or both together.

    don't know if che took them at Birmingham?

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