Che Adams.

  • Troy deeney edition 2. That’s a good thing for Southampton.

  • Who’s Southamptons penalty taker?

  • @Uncle-G it would have been between jwp/ings/Austin... Austin wont play, looks like ings might be replaced too with Adams starting or both together.

    don't know if che took them at Birmingham?

  • @Vespasian32 He took our pens, don't remember him missing any, if so would of only be 1/2

  • @Uncle-G Ings scored 3/3 from last season and JWP 1/1.

  • @Vespasian32 We have just signed Ings on a permanent deal so he won’t be going anywhere. Player to watch this year is Josh Sims- breakout season and loves to attack

  • @Node ings would be second choice now tho I think... or 442? I don't think simms has the attitude to make it. He's a proper nuiscance off the field. The club basically babysit him... hes trashed several of the houses they've put him in

  • Slacking today... Took 7 mins to score

  • Ings is probably the most overpumped saints player on here. Hasn't really shown he can play 90 and was blowing out of his ass after half an hour again today. I'm very unconvinced his style of play fits into Ralph's style as well..I reckon if it wasn't an obligation to sign than Ralph would not have taken the option up. Che will be the main man with Redmond, djenepo and long rotating and providing alot of the pace and skill (well, not long) around him throughout the season.

    Sims I hope makes it as I love how he plays, but bit worried he didn't play enough tail end of the season when it was the perfect time to really bed him in.

  • @Artful-Dodger

    Bit harsh - the guy’s unplayable (! 😂 jokes aside, he had a good write up today, second best score.

    Adams and redmond will be playing off ings by my understanding. Ings through the middle.

    Good age, good goal scoring record, 5 year contract, likely prem starter. Still seems a very reasonable price to me.

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