Pulisic or Frenkie de Jong

  • I currently have a small holding in both. Looking to make a larger investment in one of these. Who do people think is the better long term investment. I am of the opinion that de Jong will post high PB scores playing for Barcelona. Haven't seen Pulisic play so hard to make a decision.

  • @NewUser300467 It’s Pulisic for me ( I hold btw ) mainly because he’ll be playing in the premier league so more chance of MB. I did hold De Jong but sold up when his transfer was confirmed. I love him as a player but don’t think he’ll win too much PB at Barca. He’ll get a decent PB score every week but without out being on set pieces or scoring goals I feel he’ll miss out.

  • I think Pulisic will have the bigger MB drawer, but I think De Jong will get really good PB scores at Barca. I'd expect both to increase in price, so both are good shouts really!

  • I have to agree with @Gregolocky2018. Predictably I hold pulisic as well currently at a 6p loss.

    I dont think either will be great PB holds in fairness, de Jong because of reasons already stated, pulisic because I dont think he really fits the matrix. That said, I bet he gets a few GWG's. But I do think he'll be a big player with the MB. hazard leaves an MB hole and i think pulisic will fill it because in the short term, ppl will be queueing up to call him the new hazard/not fit to place hazards boots. In the long term I think he'll be a top player, he is only 20 and already been a big part of a good Dortmund side.

    Lots of ifs and buts there I know but the prem is a big factor and I'm topping up and leaving de Jong alone

  • Dortmund fan came on here a while back saying Pulisic was not that special. Barely made the Dortmund team and played as a sub. If he improves he could be a good hold, but if he becomes a forgotten sub his price will drop. His game may not suit PB but he does have MB potential,
    De jong is quality through and through- but he will not be picking up any MB at Barca. And where he plays in midfield will determine whether he will be a PB success. Interesting season ahead.

  • De Jong will put up good PB scores similar to Alcantara & Kroos. Below is what he did vs England recently....and I see this as the norm. He does lack goals but that could develop

    De Jong cut through them. He made more passes, 105, had more touches, 128, more tackles, five, and more recoveries, 13, than any other player.

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