Mario Gotze

  • What are people's thoughts on him. Will be move away from Dortmund to Arsenal(possibly) given Dortmund's recent signings or will be still be playing in the Bundesliga next season?


    Hinted at a move to liverpool stating he "often speak(s) to Klopp, we never stopped talking. He knows me very well and that I am always looking for new challenges"

    Top player, years of problems hopefully behind him. Stated categorically he will leave BvB as a free agent. Premier league seems most likely destination, in particular Liverpool to re-unite with Jurgen Klopp, despite reported interest from West Ham.

    At liverpool he'll be on the winning side most weeks, at West Ham everything will go through him once hes upto match sharpness. Either way he could be looking very cheap as a PB player once footy resumes at a current price of 91p.

    If the wider community go mad for it I'll probably flip in the next 48 hours, if not he'll be a great value PB player for me, probably with some MB thrown in whilst he and Klopp set up camp inside each others hoop

  • Don't think he will go to arsenal but he will leave Dortmund. Either to rotate at a big club like Liverpool or be star man somewhere like Everton

  • @MickTurbo yeah I’ve been i since 82p not sure how to play this one? Hoped for a few weeks of potential media then a transfer.

    What could he settle at as a fringe player at liverpoo? Or the main man at a lesser team?

    Decisions decisions

  • @Sav2000 if you think he'd only be a fringe player at liverpool then I would suggest buying the rumour and selling the news. I personally think he could get plenty of playing time at Liverpool once hes match fit, he is an excellent player, hes just had years of problems.

    Arguably west ham or Everton would be better for holders, but if he got plenty of playing time at Liverpool, well Gini was £1.40 before the world stopped turning and although hes posted some big peak scores, a fit and firing Gotze is gonna have a significantly higher base IMO and is a couple years younger. He could be a decent guide.

    At west ham I suppose id look to Felipe Anderson who was £1.50 even with the erstwhile stigma of being a none European.

  • @MickTurbo ox 1.65 ... Shaqiri just 85p tho. Somewhere between the three... As Gotze is better and as a world cup winner and linking up with old manager... Could be mb worthy. Resurgent form and fitness could be good pb.

    Think il be patient with it... Down see much downside in terms of what I bought him for... Could easily misjudge his peak but at his age and ability there will be multiple peaks

  • @MickTurbo I guess it depends how many Liverpool let leave in the summer; I’m not desperate to sell I might let it ride out and see if he generates some media

  • These players who are available on a free this Summer could be the ones to go for.
    There will be a massive slump in the global economy and initially clubs may not be prepared to go out and pay £100 million for a player who they'd then pay £200k plus a week to potentially self isolate with another flare up.
    Where's the money coming from?
    No gate revenue, people may not have the disposable income for kits/merchandise etc.
    TV money/Sponsorship would be the only source of income.
    Six months ago Sancho could have gone for silly money.
    What would his value be now? Higher, lower or the same?

    I am a Gotze holder.

  • As a liverpool fan I see no chance of him getting game time and actually would dread the prospect of him coming. I honestly would expect him to fail even at an Everton or West Ham .. this World Cup winner nonsense is always overused with him. He was very poor in that tournament and lived off his susbsitute goal in final . Was not even a regular for Germany then when he was at his peak. The years since 2014 have not been kind and his form has tailed off completely ,injuries not helping , as he bounced around Germany . The player is living off past reputation and that one goal has given him a standing far beyond his abilities ... reminds of balotelli in some ways and whilst he might get some rises in short term with media transfer hype , his pitch time if it comes in England will highlight his massive limitations and long run PB potential is nought. Ps I don’t hold

  • @MickTurbo
    I'd avoid Anderson mate. I have a feeling he will leave in the summer, likely at a loss. The board are already making noises through their usual favourite sources for leaks that the books will need to be balanced.
    Thats either paving the way for Rice to be sold, or a reason for not investing.

  • @Munchie63 aye mate, just mentioned him as a possible price marker for Gotze should he move to West Ham.

    Fuck Anderson mate, hes the type to sign for Guanding Shendong Evergrande or whatever they're called 😁😁

  • @BMCG The guy was a highly rated player and part of a league winning team with Dortmund under Klopp. To rip him apart like that is very blinkered.

    It was a serious stomach issue that dogged him. If Wilshere, Carroll. Welbeck. Sanchez and Sturridge can get deals then clubs will line up for Gotze on a free.

    Klopp knows him well and its an ideal replacement for Lallana

  • I disagree completely was on the down turn going into World Cup in 2014 and post World Cup has been a total flop in general .... you are talking 7 years ago with Dortmund and it ain’t unusual for a young player to make a big impact for a couple of years and flameout . In. Fact I think he is the poster boy for that... as they say it’s much harder to lose a reputation then gain one... said my piece anyway and would just avoid caution on him as he is significantly worse on the pitch where it matters then in print.

  • @BMCG

    That "PS I dont hold" cracked me up 😂😂😂😂

  • 👍 ya I thought I better declare my position on him if it wasn’t clear 😜

  • @BMCG we can disagree. Thats life, its all opinions.

    tbh, it doesnt matter really if he scores 4 on his debut or hits row Z.....its the rumour mill that will drive the initial price spike. Happy trading

  • I can’t see him at Liverpool if I’m honest, I think Curtis Jones ( don’t hold ) will be promoted from within to replace Lallana.
    However I do see him getting a decent club in a pb league. This next season is a really important one for him and I do expect to see him putting in the hard yards early on at his new club.
    I got on a few months back at 82p, I just hope he doesn’t end up like Max Meyer at Palace

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