• @Journey Rabiot is just in the under 1.50 category. Guaranteed move with what the psg owners have come out with today. If it's to the prem, you'd expect him easily over 2 quid.

    Failing that, smash it all in Diego Demme and hope he increases and see if he's a 100-200% player in the next year

  • @Moukoko

    Yeah, looks like Rabiot will go to either Man Utd or Juventus. If it's the former, then he'll boom passed the £2 barrier easily I'm sure. If it's the latter, then he's still worth circa £1.50, so no real risk involved.

    I don't normally follow recommendations on here, but my latest hot signing is El Ghazi. Piled into him this morning as his price seems to have settled at a modest 57p. @VESPASIAN32 knows more than anyone what potential this guy has. 24 years old and new to the Premier League with Aston Villa. All it takes is just one PB win between now and Christmas and he could easily double in price.

  • Does anybody else do a little fist pump each time they see one of their players mentioned, or is that just me? Oh... oh... no? Just me then!

  • @ocs123 looked great in the play off finals as well good potential in him

  • @Journey I like this idea - I’ve put a few players in the queue to do this too. Not £500 yet but I’m interested to see how you get on

  • @Manu and where exactly does it say ' he wants to go' ?

  • @HLD178 I've got a 1,000 Diego Demme and never seen him mentioned, I was starting to wonder if he was a real player!

  • @Munchie63 huh?

  • @Manu the Diop bid

    haven't seen anything saying Diop has asked to leave

  • @Munchie63 Breaking | West Ham have rejected an opening bid from Manchester United for French defender Issa Diop; the player wants to join the Red Devils, but the Hammers intend to keep hold. More follows. (TF1)

    That’s a quote from an article (TF1). I didn’t personally write it.
    They say he wants to join Manchester United......it’s up to you whether you believe it.

  • @NewUser356207 he gets a lot more injury's these days and is out for spells, so they will take there toll on him also imo. Plus who's to say gareth southgate will be manager come 2022 you never know a new manager might change it, but I do think gareth will be there, and over time he will want to freshen it up moving forward and with our youth coming through.

  • @GregF I've raised around £350 so far and hopefully it won't take too long to raise the rest.

  • @Journey I’ve got my £100 - got another £100 in the sell queue too. I think I’ve got to decide between 3 or 4 players still, keep changing my mind on who to go for! How many have you got on your list?

  • @GregF I've raised £380 and got 2 more players in the sell queue. They've been on for around 36 hours now so hopefully they sell soon. I've narrowed it down to a couple of players now. Just hope the prices are OK when i decide to buy and haven't boomed

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