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  • A freebie bit of analysis

  • love this... since when???? Jan 1st?? don't think you can look beyond Neymar, Messi & Ronny for stable MB as all the rest have featured in transfer gossip which obviously shot up Sanchez to silly o'clock... be interesting to see Feb/Mar how the spikes go down on Sanchez, Coutinho, Ozil, Van Dijk etc whilst I predict the big three (and Kane) to stay put (others like Fekir, Malcom, Lemar (hopefully) all pushing through as the next window nears!!!

  • @dannypea since mid November. With only capturing MB and PB scores over 100 points on any day. Rooney is very poor for MB I'm afraid

  • Hazard has been very good for MB in the analysis period

  • I imagine that'll increase for Hazard too with his future move to Real Madrid no doubt headlining in the WC run in... The interesting 'magnate' is Lukaku who always does ok despite him no better than any other 'half decent' striker in world football and being arguably the most settled 'longer term' on that list???

  • @dannypea I think that's cos Lukaku gets a load of media attention about how awful he's been at man u

  • I wouldn't say awful but I take your point.... I think he gets a lot of 'criticsim' from the media which means he's always likely to feature because when he's scoring he's news and when he isn't he's still news... He's probably worth a few holds on that basis alone?

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