Solid Strikers £1>Price, Aged 26 or less

  • I've just chucked in most of my last remaining cash lump for now on a batch of strikers for next season (I will still probably be dragged into scraping the bank accounts to join in the flashing light melee night before bonus ends).

    I am slightly gambling that the PB system might be tweaked and it might mean regular goal scorers and assisters get a bit more might not (and I don't really want it to as I've built a port around the current PB system!), but I think these are safe holds regardless. Just a bonus if they suddenly gain some extra PB hold value. I am well stocked in the wide forwards that may benefit from assists, so just wanted some more strikers.

    I already hold Haller who I bought in Jan @ 87p for similar reasons as below, and he is now £1.25 and has earned divs plus some IPDs. So these seem good prices in comparison.

    • I am also betting these top scorers will always be sought after by big clubs, so probable future MB/spikes.

    • They are all age 26 or less. So at a consistent level, but not too old for FI so can hold until a good selling point.

    • Most of them have won some Divs for a safety yield.

    • I see all of them rising as the IPD market opens for the season (as sounds like IPDs are here to stay?).

    • I have also tried to get players that have involvement in European and hopefully Euro 2020 games as extra safety/spikes.

    Andrea Petagna: Age 23, G16, 60p, SPAL option to buy, Leicester and bigger Italian clubs in media. Italy. 2p divs

    Wout Weghorst: Age 26, G17 A7, 68p, Wolfsburg (Europe), linked to Prem clubs in media. Holland. 4p divs.

    Yussuf Poulsen: Age 25, G15 A4, 78p, RBLeipzig (Europe) Denmark. 4p divs

    Paco Alcacer: Age 25, G18, 87p, Dortmund (Europe) Spain. 5p divs. Peaked at £1.48

    Arkadiusz Milik Age 25, G17 A2, 86p, Napoli (Europe) Poland. Peaked at £1.02

    Kevin Volland Age 26, G14 A12, 65p, Leverkusen (Europe) Germany. 2p divs.

    I have some cash left for 1 or 2 more if I have missed anyone similar?

  • I know he isn't 26 but Willian Jose is 27 at 45p, 1in 3 for sociadad, I can’t see Isak just walking in ahead in the first team.

    Also peak years are 27-29, backed up by some good stats if you google.

  • Nice list of players there. I hold Weghorst, Poulsen and Alcacer. Would also highly recommend Kevin Volland - 26 y/o, 14 goals and 9 assists last season, in and around the German National Team and currently 65p. Seems to tick all the boxes for you!

  • @NewUser731 I had saved him to my watchlist with these, but watchlist was wiped and forgot him!

  • @Westy I know it is a bit more of a wildcard but you also have Alvaro Morata at 72p. Worth keeping an eye out depending on where he ends up next season but will be around the Euro 2020 team.

  • @NewUser731 Yeh another good shout. I don't think he wants to be in England/Prem lg. But guess it depends on Chelsea's ban. I will be really shocked in Chelsea do get banned, they just seem too powerful for rules to apply.

  • Andrea Belotti, 25 with 17G & 3 A in 39 games for Torino still 69p with a few transfer rumours always close by to add some spice.

  • @Westy got a good list already, tempted to dip my toe into some of those you have.

    What about ante rebic at Frankfurt. 75p, 25 years old, playing in Europe and euros. Now with jovic gone he should hopefully step up to become the main man!
    Also been linked to inter Milan

  • Nice list - any of them in Europa/CL? The extra fixtures often spins it for me.

    Edit - didn’t read properly

  • Alassane Plea BM Gladbach 26 had a poor season, still chalked up 15G & 4A in 35 games, currently 81p after recent rise, not sure if he stays in Germany or moves on?

  • One for the future just 21 years old Fedor Chalov CSKA Moscow with 15G & 7A in 30 games at 78p. Yes he's Russian who are notoriously poor & slow travellers but this lad appears a cut above & may shine on the CL stage so should attract decent transfer speculation & if it comes to fruition & he moves to a decent PB team then he will look exceedingly cheap at current levels but there are obvious risks that he may stay put or fail to settle if a move does happen.

  • Alcacer is a great shout. Totally didn’t realise he was that cheap. Especially with the euros next summer you’d expect 1.50+

  • Matteo Politano, 62p, great value. As is Leandro Trossard, 75p, and Vittorio Parigini at 35p

  • @Westy should all grow nicely through the season and as you say good for ipd so plenty of spikes if you ever need to sell.

  • What is causing the Volland spike?

  • @Westy said in Solid Strikers £1>Price, Aged 26 or less:

    What is causing the Volland spike?

    People buying his shares. 👍

  • @Westy
    The German transfermarkt site has someone saying he's going to Norwich

    I used Google translate so this is by no means confirmed. No idea who the source is.

  • @Westy Findex Frog on twitter has just posted about him with stats etc so possibly that

  • @Ericali no news? just people getting ready for season? I've searched news, can't find any impending transfer to utd etc...can't complain. He does look a stand out striker choice with that midfield around him and him being their main goal man now.

  • I can't fault any of the above players, who are all good options.

    But I bought into Michy Batshuayi recently. 25 years old, 96p and at Chelsea (Premiership + Champions League). His value on FI may suggest that he's behind Tammy Abraham in the pecking order, but it also highlights the potential for him to double in value relatively easily.

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