Duvan Zapata

  • Had an immense season in Seria A and scored in the 2-0 win yesterday, about to break the top 200 and I reckon he will get another few in the Copa America probably replacing Falcao in the next game. I have a feeling a big team will come in for him off the back of this. Thoughts?

  • My thoughts are that I own him so thanks for the pump :-)

  • @Millzy27

    I was actually surprised when I saw he scored last night. I completely forgot he is Colombian. What a year he has had!!

    I'm not sure if Atalanta had a 'right to buy' as part of the loan, but I would expect they would be exercising that option.

    Champions League football and playing in the same team as the midfield maestros Illicic and Gomez. I'd stay put. πŸ‘

  • @mike778 Haha anytime pal!

  • @johnboywalker he's on a two year loan deal so should be in CL with Atlanta next year barring a big club coming in for him (recall clause will be in the loan deal I'm sure). I'd be very surprised if he wasn't at least another 10p per future by end of the tournament.

  • @Millzy27

    They could be a bit of a surprise package in the Copa America this year and Zapata will be integral to any success.

    A team that can beat Argentina and Messi 2-0, needs to be respected.

  • oh so he is not at a big team move with the times

  • @johnboywalker isn’t illicic going to Napoli?

  • @NewUser24858 said in Duvan Zapata:

    @johnboywalker isn’t illicic going to Napoli?

    My understanding is that the chairman said on the 8th of this month, that the 'best players will remain in Bergamo'.

    Further to that, the coach, Gasperini, extended his contract and turned down Roma, as he was assured the club would strengthen, and would not sell their top stars.

    For the record, and completely unrelated, Bergamo is a beautiful city. 😍

  • @johnboywalker good news! Since joining FI i have become a bit of an Atalanta fan.. was hoping he would stay along with Gomez and Castagne can’t wait to see how they do in the CL next season

  • Looks like West Ham could be turning their attention to this lad now.

  • West ham showing interest let's hope there is some truth in this. Newcastle are deperate for a striker to, as a holder he had a great season last year let's hope for another.

  • @PogbaforMB West Ham were linked with him back in January so obviously they are keen on him. ( I bought him back in jan but sold in may wished now I had stuck out for a bit longer πŸ˜‚)

  • I hold 300. Not sure in his case though a EPL move would increase his value? He is a PB winner at Atlanta and they have CL football this season, maybe dropping into the Europa league in latter rounds and a chance of winning that. Atalanta and their players are well known to FI traders.

    A move to mid table EPL team and only 38 eligible games a season. He might be an exception where his price drops. Maybe new money from new traders will counter that?

    I am holding and happy to hold and we will all wait and see.

  • He's on my watchlist for the new season so I'm hoping for a drop tbh!

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