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  • @AndydfopT

    My main advice is to accept that you will have good and bad periods on the index and it wont all be cocktails, hookers and free money.

    You have joined at a time when the market appears to be thriving. Don't expect this to always be the case, and there will be down days/weeks and even months.

    If you look back far enough over the past 12 months, you will see that I have often been the calming voice of reason, during periods of instability, when several users threatened to jump ship due to uncertainy and fear of falling further into the red.

    The market moves in cycles, and the youth trend comes and goes, but is always a pretty safe option.

    Oh, and have fun. I certainly have over the past 12 months. But still so much to learn. Best of luck.

  • @johnboywalker great message mate, appreciate all the advice, let's see where we go

  • Good advice given already, only been on bout 3 months & really enjoy, obviously making money helps, as said try to diversify as much as possible e.g so when it goes quiet for young guns you’re making money with PB players & vice versa, you’ll have ups & downs. My hardest learning curve was Instant selling as I’d spotted someone else I like, fear of missing out, it’s cost me but have learned from it. Best of luck

  • Decent enough portfolio - I’d recommend keeping a close eye on the situations of Maguire, Koulibaly & anyone else who’s value is inflated by current transfer speculation.

    Also get yourself an indexgain account if you haven’t already for some very useful PB/MB data (the free subscription still has a lot of useful info for a beginner)

  • @Chris-J thanks for taking the time to reply. If I'm honest this is a welcome distraction from normal betting so even if I came out even I'd be happy lol. I take your advice on board

  • @Uncle-G cheers for feedback mate, iv not pressed instant sell yet but I'm so tempted as I want to buy more players everyday. I suppose the answer is invest more but its obviously a risk

  • @AndydfopT before you do decide to leave it make sure youve went through any age verification checks as you miight come back in a years time to a suspended account

  • As a general rule of thumb, if you know your stuff and prepared to research and learn, you can expect to double your investment in a year. Some ppl make more than that, and others make less, but the majority manage to double up. But as Johnny boy says, there are continuously cycles of growth and drops- the ones who make the consistent profit are the ones that are patient and don’t panic when they hit stormy waters.

  • What's interesting is if you had of brought pogba and neymar a year ago you'd be sitting on alot of profit. If you had of brought them a month ago you'd be well in the red.

    Timing your buys is almost as important as buying the right players

  • @AndydfopT that’s probably my biggest advise I could give mate, try to resist IS 🙅‍♂️

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