Miki Magic Ranked 14th Midfielder, 14th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Open to debate, job of a midfielder is to provide assists more value to a team than just one goal.

  • say if you had a team right, you've got a midfielder, he has 0 assists but 16 goals, what's more valuable 32 assists and 0 goals or 16 goals and 0 assists.

  • The rules are pretty clear...

  • @NewUser107024 I'm not disputing what in real football is more important but if mkitarhan (God knows how it's spelled) passes the ball 50 times but someone else passes it 150 times then they will likely win the buzz even if they don't get any assists. It's just how opta stats work I'm afraid. That's why you have to ignore who you believe are the best footballers necessarily and buy the players who have the best opta stats.

  • Yeah sorry I guess performance buzz is performance buzz, i'm a newbie, just trying to get my head round what is and what isn't on this website

  • I don't want to drag this out but surely if it's done on stats ... assists are valuable ? maybe that's why Matic done so well today because he barely put a pass wrong and he made like a tonne, do you guys go on OPTA stats website ? and if so have you got a link ?

  • @NewUser107024 an assist is something like 10 points a successful cross is 4 points a crap cross is 3 points and a pass is 1. You also lose points for bad pass g

  • @NewUser107024 opta stats are expensive to get hold of i think. whoscored is a good site to use if you haven't been there already, FI seem to link up with them a fair bit

  • @NewUser107024 check out football indsx sites on twitter. I find footieindex talk useful. They seem to have decent stats based info.

  • @Stevo Cheers mate

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