Players with low value that probably shouldn't?

  • Just been looking on the index and can't believe how cheap some of the what I'd call quality players are- Mousa Dembele @50p
    Luka Modric @68p
    Douglas Costa @67p
    There are others, is there a reason there so low or just lack of maker interest....
    They all score a few goals and provide plenty of assists playing for top teams. So was just wanting to get people's thoughts.

  • Think pulisic is a great investment, as low as I have seen him in a while and consistently hit 120% off his current value over the last season. The kids only going to get better this season. Plus there's always going to be transfer speculation when it comes to young Dortmund players.

    Would recommend.

  • Think you need to consider two things when looking at a players value:

    1. Will they feature in the UK press (fairly rare for non prem players)
    2. Will they top perform on a match day. Players that are consistently good will always be beaten out by the players who are inconsistently great.

    Modric, Costa etc fall short on both counts in my opinion

  • Im trying to work out defenders for dividends.i thought at first invest in quite alot of the top defenders after the pb gave them new lease of life but all the talk of penny stocks has me in two minds as penny stocks may destroy defenders values before pb has even begun. very confused on what my best investments should be now

  • I don't think he's necessarily low priced (2nd highest in the game) but Kane just screams 'steady growth'.

    Heavy goal scorer
    Premier League
    Champions League
    Loves big games
    Touted as potential captain
    World Cup coming up

    Similar story with Alli, who's cheaper, but I think Kane has the best potential with growth.

  • @CleanShirtTrader good advice for what to look for in a player.thanks. i was all for defensive pb but not sure who to go for.clean sheet and a win would be a good starting point

  • @NewUser77147 said in Players with low value that probably shouldn't?:

    @CleanShirtTrader good advice for what to look for in a player.thanks. i was all for defensive pb but not sure who to go for.clean sheet and a win would be a good starting point

    For me the priority for defenders is players in the same team. Defenders more than any other players share points (win bonus, clean sheet, goals conceded) with their team mates. When you win and keep a clean sheet, you want there to be as few other defenders on the index as possible with the same claim.

    What you want with defenders is preferably for there to be no-one else from the same team or for your defender to be able to reliably out-point the other defenders from that team. Its important that when they do get the win and clean sheet your guy has a decent shot at the PB.

    I've gone for Sandro - he only has Buffon and should out-point him most games and Alaba - again should outpoint Neurer Teams like Spurs, Chelsea and Man City simply have far too many defenders to consider them. Alves is fantastic at the moment but Thiago Silva and possibly Marquinhos in the future are looming. Generally though, I think it might be better to just wait and see what defenders are in the index by the time PBs come in.

  • @Mike78 Most defenders on the index play for the best teams so there's likely to be several defenders with a win and clean sheet on most Saturdays/Sundays (when there will be the biggest payouts), in fact, the majority of defenders will play for a team that wins.

    In the end, I think scoring a goal or just simply racking up loads of passes will be more critical.

    And if it does turn out to be a night where only one team gets a win and clean sheet, a 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 chance to win the opta buzz is still pretty good

  • @Jimmeh hence why Alves playing pretty much up front the other night was a glorious sight...

    downvotes Thiago Silva


  • @NewUser40115 the introduction of Performance Buzz will boost this massively for foreign players though

  • nasri is a great one right now.

    bound to move in this window, cant see him sticking around.

    only negative is his past history on the market. never seems to go any higher than 0.70

  • @konradborzy my point 2 was referring to the introduction of the PB

  • @Mike78 thanks so much mate, ive only been on index maybe 6 weeks so have spent it reading buying selling getting to grips with it.made a little bit,nothing i could buy a food shop with haha, but its such a better shot at making money quicker than normal share saves. absolutely loving it

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