Mo Salah

  • Must have bought Salah at his highest price. Facing a big loss on him at the moment. If he were to get back to his previous goal scoring form will that lead to his price going back up? Will him being the main man for Egypt at the World Cup help?

  • @NewUser112186 I'm holding him I see him being a £5+ striker in the future. Only thing stopping him winning more PB dividends is klopp yanking him off in 80th min so he misses it by about 2 points. He will come good I believe

  • Speaking of. Goooooooaalll!!

  • @NewUser112186 if he starts scoring like he was before his price will definitely go back up. Don't panic sell. He's obviously a class player but think before buying players on top form. Consider players who are on bad form instead. Their price can only really improve then eh.

  • Good advice. Cheers. Hoping for a link to Real Madrid in summer for him.

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