Topping Up

  • which player is the one 'gem' you have which you purchased high and are now losing money on but you feel has the most potential to explode still... therefore more likley to top up rather than sell...

    think mine is Trincao bought at £1.00 and now 88p but just seems great value now...

    i also think Dan James is great value, i really thought he'd be flying

  • Zaha - only a matter of time before fresh transfer speculation. I'd be surprised if he gets any lower

  • Dan James

  • Mandzukic

    Scrap that. Just checked my port again, has to be Toby Alderweireld, bought at 92p and fallen to 79p. Surely Man Utd will be linked to him at some point although he is going to need a big rise just to reach £1.01 and the Top 200 media list.

  • @G27 Dan James will rocket when he scores his first goal. Unlimited MB potential for constantly being compared to Giggsy every time he does something half-decent.

    Also Pedro Guilherme, hoping he has a dynamite season and gets that big move he was destined for before his injury.

  • Ousmane Dembele

    Good debut season and I expect him to improve next season and with Euro2020 round the corner I have no doubt he will rise during the season. £2.52 per share for a potential world class player.

  • Van de beek, this season or next it’s gonna go nuts,
    Mbappe, if Neymar leaves he’ll be the star of Ligue 1 & eat up the dividends
    Small loss on both currently but no concerns

  • Ben Godfrey at Norwich - currently a few pennies down.

    Versatile young English centre back whom can also play CDM. Expect him to be a real star in the premiership next season at Norwich and destined for a big move at some stage.

    Rio Ferdinand is a huge fan and has already recommended him to United according to rumours

  • Hannes wolf 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Uncle-G agreed. Been holding for forever. Was at a massive profit just before spurs turned round the CL semi final tie but hes slowly creeping back up towards that £2 mark and hes got an eye for goal which is invaluable for a midfielder on the index.

  • Callum Hudson Odoi - about £1 lower now than at his peak last season, guaranteed to reach those heights again IMO as we head towards Christmas. Transfer ban and Sarri leaving Chelsea is also a benefit as he'll see more game time

  • Nicholas Tagliaficio - I'm down on him but fully expect him to rise again as soon as the season starts.

  • @G27
    1.86 for daniel james!
    bit rich that

  • @kaka8
    in comparison to Greenwood hes good value...anyday will be an announcement of how they plan to use him for next long as he doesnt go out on loan i think he stands a high chance of rising

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