Emiliano Buendia - Norwich fans

  • Watched a fair amount of Norwich last season and he looked a league above everyone in the league. I’ve slowly been topping up my holdings on Buendia over the summer as I think he’ll do really well in the Prem next year.

    Any Norwich fans here? If so what are your thoughts?

  • From Norwich also,and for the record I have futures in him..Couldnt agree more,,class above most in championship last year..Also Ben Godfrey,,just signed 5 year contract..destined for top 6 club within a year..

  • Yeah I have watched him all season and he is class. Going to be great in the prem. Very exciting youngster.

  • Yeah I'm a ST holder at Norwich, and although there's a lot of talk about the 3 defensive youngsters coming through our academy (Jamal Lewis, Max Aarons and Ben Godfrey) making the big time, there's very little talk of Buendia which is surprising.

    He really is a class act. His game suits PB as he's technically gifted and quick so sees a lot of the ball and gets fouled a lot. He takes our corners and when Vrancic isn't playing our direct free kicks. Best of all though, he's tenacious, not seen an attacking player like him do so much tracking back and winning the ball, especially high up the pitch which accounted for a lot of quick turnovers and goals last season.

    Only downside, he can occasionally get a little petulant/frustrated and dive into a tackle, but let's just call that passion :)

    He's a quality player and still can't believe we got him so cheap. Can't wait to see what he can do in the prem, but if he's only half the player he was last season, he's still first name on the team sheet.

    I do hold him, but I hold every NCFC player on the index as always 'gamble' with my heart, but Emi isn't a gamble.

    My biggest worry from a FI point of view is media, imagine most journo's will call him Emi Buendia, not Emiliano as he is on here...

    But anyway, that's my honest opinion, now go and buy loads so i make a nice profit. Don't worry, you will too :-P

  • @Safri15 This lad is going to be a star make no doubt about it. As a season ticket holder at Norwich he was arguably our best and most talented player last season. Most of the plaudits will have gone to Pukki and rightfully so as a free transfer and scoring as many goals as he did. We have three core players which have top 6 qualities about them which are Max Aaron’s who will be massive. Reminds me of a a young Cafu and is very adventurous going forward. Ben Godfrey is very much like Rio Ferdinand. He is tall, strong and really good on the ball. He may be a little raw and has only played half a season in Championship at that level. However, Buendia is a diamond and he has end product blessed with sheer tenacity to win and chase the ball. His ability to retrieve the player is incredible for someone so attacking. He can play anyone in behind the striker. He will only get better. Everyone raved about Maddison but Buendia is just as good if not better! Brave statement I know

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