Tuesday 6th Feb IPO's - MONSTER DAY!

  • Well well well! Although I'd prefer something to go at every day FI have decided they're going to hit us with no less than 6 outrageous global talents on the same day - in 2 afternoon sessions too.

    Strangely I've never even heard of the guy I think is possibly the best buy, Alireza Jahanbakhsh! but more on him later.

    Starting off at 13:00, we've got Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid's £40m+ punt on keeping him out of Barcelona's grasp. It's a bit of a strange deal as he isn't officially theirs until later this year then the plan is to loan him back to attack the Copa Libertadores! Watching his clips on YouTube really gets you digging deep.

    Which leads nicely into Hirving Lozano, I can only assume the amount of people asking for him off the back of the reported £42m price tag during the Jan Xfer Window has led to him being double the price of Vinicius Junior. Going to very interesting to see how they end up.

    Yerry Mina @ Barca has crept in under the radar but here's a statement for ya, I think he'll be the first £3 defender if he can get some regular starts at Barca because he is an absolute goal machine for a defender 6ft 5" and bags 1 in 5!!!!!! No doubt could be a big star for Colombia during the WC too! 80p isn't a bargain if you're looking for a quick flip but he's one I'm looking to keep and hold.

    So in the first session I expect Hirving Lozano to still sell at £1.20 but doubt he'll break the £1.50 unless there's masses convinced he really is the next big thing. I expect Vinicius Junior to do the usual jump towards 90p and maybe break the £1 barrier and I suspect Mina will have surprisingly limited interest considering he's already a step ahead of the other 2 in his career already.

    Then if anyone's got any money left after that hot lunchtime session we're met with 3 more stars in the shape of Arthur, big rep, seen multiple requests for his IPO on Twitter but statistically he doesn't appear to score that many so I'm inclined to steer clear of him - although I did a similar with Fred and missed that juggernaut.

    I'm more inclined to take a punt of Cristian Pavon, breaking into the Argentinian 1st Team is no mean feat considering their talent and unlike Vinicius he's not arsed about the Copa Libertadores meaning he see's his own future in Europe sooner rather than later.

    Then as previously stated we've got a commentators nightmare, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, must admit I thought who the hell is this guy and then checked him out on Whoscored. 40 AVGppg+ for a Forward always get's me interested and if they bag up like this guy then you have to take note. In the past 2 seasons he's hit 19 goals and 15 assist in 46 games for AZ Alkmaar with Iran also qualified for the World Cup! at 50p I think there'll be a few astute traders quietly picking up on this guy and I'll hopefully be one of them.

    In a nutshell it's a huge day for the Speculators, Mina a beast already at Barca, Vinicius, Arthur and Pavon waiting to arrive in Europe in a big way; and Lozano and Alireza ripping it up in Holland surely to be snapped up sooner rather than later.

  • @Agatello been waiting for some of these guys for months. However I don't have any money spare and I'll happily wait till they drop in price again when all the dividend obsessed people lose interest.

  • @Stevo Me too mate, can only assume tomorrow is day one of the Swedish market? New IPO time brackets and several promising stars in one day. Am so annoyed Mina didn't come on before the Barca transfer had him pegged since the summer and he'd probably of IPO'd for half the price pre-Barce transfer???

  • Interesting theory, someone else suggested it's to create discussion during the meet tomorrow night which is probably more likely with lower staffing levels in the morning to set the event up hence the 2 time slots.

  • I noticed a Twitter account called FI Sweden so I asked if they knew when it was launching there and they said they expected it to be the end of the month. But they didn't provide any source so no idea if that is accurate. I certainly expect a proper announcement from Adam Cole before it happens because it will encourage UK investors to make extra deposits too, so they might as well market it.

  • And regarding the IPOs - I agree, interesting day. I will probably get on Mina to hold until at least the WC as I can see him being a PB candidate and moving towards the Umtiti 1.50 mark, and maybe get some Pavon, too.

  • Mina for the win. Solid WC chance in the group. Oh and can someone fix the fin forum. White on white! may as well be sodden braille!

  • @BL__FI ive seen twitter accounts from god and from the queen. Not everyone is who they purport to be on twitter.....

  • I am aware it's not an official account, and as I said I don't know what their source was, but if even if we accept they are genuinely Sweden-based, I thought they might have some insight via advertising that's presumably been going on there. As I said, I'm sure there will be an official announcement from Adam Cole before launch to get the UK investors moving.

  • Finally Lozano although not sure if my bubble of optimism has burst on him???? Pavon is the man (would like to see Benedetto next) but not sure if i'll get in quick enough before his price inflates, agree on Minha too who will probably sell like hot cakes and i don't think i'll get him for the price i want..... Good to see some genuine 'world class contenders' that should feature in the WC!!!!!

  • @dannypea yeah Lozano is crap everyone should just ignore him. He's in the Dutch league anyway so not guna win any dividends. Total waste of money, move on nothing to see here.

  • @Stevo said in Tuesday 6th Feb IPO's - MONSTER DAY!:

    @dannypea yeah Lozano is crap everyone should just ignore him. He's in the Dutch league anyway so not guna win any dividends. Total waste of money, move on nothing to see here.

    @Stevo is that a genuine statement or tongue in cheek sarcastic "leave him to me"? On one side I see an expensive IPO not for the faint hearted and on the other huge rep, sure to move in the summer for big money and WC with Mexico. So for me I'm torn down the middle on whether he's worth a punt. Don't want to do another Fred and ignore the potential!

  • @Agatello haha it's very tongue in cheek mate although as mentioned yesterday after your fantastic (as always) assessment I have no money to buy him currently anyway and I wasn't aware of his fairly high IPO price so unlikely I'll be buying.

    Think he's got incredible potential and think when people see they can't win any dividends he'll slip back down to a lower price which is when I'll pounce.

    I see him as very similar to Ziyech. His stats are amazing but quite high priced for no dividends. I would be buying simply for the potential and highly likely premier league interest at a later date.

  • I must be doing this wrong but can't seem to get on an IPO early enough to make profit. Sat on the index waiting, see the screen flash green and by the time I bring the player up (Vinicius Junior in this case) he's already gone up 60p and although I tried to buy on the way up I'm now left down per share! any advice welcome.

  • set urself a "buy target" and a "sell target" (if ur not planning on holding) before the player ipo's. If he goes above that before you have a chance to act don't buy him. I was looking for Mina sub £1. Didn't get him, moved on.

    As for getting on immediately at ipo ask urself why others can do it quicker than u or i. I can think of two possible reasons, neither of which I have the ability to do. The fact you're asking suggests you don't either and should probably accept you might make 10pct here or there but u aint gonna make much more.

  • persistence & a bit of luck helps - catching the occasional bargain is prob a decent result

  • @NewUser114673 Yeah I've also had this issue before, not sure if its bots or just a genuine really quick rush to buy. I got Mina at 1.08 today which should still be profitable, but it's about 30 p up from his start price. I was also refreshing very regularly. On occasion though I've managed to get in early on an IPO, I think it's partly just luck. Don't worry too much though, if you hang onto him he should be worth more than that when his transfer nears I imagine.

  • What time is povon being released??

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