Emre Mor

  • Just been flicking through random videos on facebook (as you do) and there is one from last month doing the rounds on this kid.

    Seems he has a bad attitude, still young, and very low price.

    Not seen anything on the forums - if there is already a piece on this kid then can you link me in please.

    Anyone watch a lot of Spanish football, has he settled in or is he still being a dick?

    Worth a dabble maybe at such a young age?

  • Was actually looking at him last week but terrible attitude only made 10 league appearances last season and if he carries on like this I think his next move could be to a non pb team.
    Still puzzled why he left Dortmund perfect place for growth

  • @jay yeah the video shows he lives a playboy lifestyle.

    Keeps turning up to training late, all his coaches have said he could be the next messi. But attitude stinks, 21 years old.

    You would have thought by now the penny has dropped.

    Maybe this season will be his make or break one?

    Think I’m just going to use dividend wins to dip my toe in the water on him.

  • @Milnerman yeah he is super cheap and can’t see him being any cheaper so not much risk

  • I went in on him a month or so back, cheap price and could go up massively if he gets his act sorted. Gamble though!

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