Marcos Alonso could he play left wing?

  • Hi future at Chelsea is uncertain, have been a few reports of him wanting to move to Spain.

  • Been looking at alonso for a while one of the best goal scoring and assisting defensive players in this era.

    For the vacant lm/w position I think Tammy could be given a chance out on the left as he could play there as well as maybe Pedro or William on the wrong wing.

    Was also thinking Kenedy is a great chance at just 23 years old on paper is the only current fit left winger in the squad surely they can’t loan him again , at just 34 p looks a good punt to me can’t see much wrong. If not he could get another loan move although he didn’t have the most successful with Newcastle was still average.

  • @WithoutLimit don’t see Chelsea allowing him to leave at the moment, if not he would probably earn even more pb in Spain as less competition

  • with the transfer ban he ain't leaving I don't think.

  • Chelsea have already said no-one else will be leaving on a permanent basis while the appeal/transfer ban is in place.

    Turned down bids from Barcelona for Willian already this summer.

    I don't see Alonso leaving until next summer, if at all. Definitely one I am keeping an eye on ahead of the new season - have all my money tied up at present but he will be part of my portfolio soon enough.

  • Absolute steal at this price. I held for a good time last season and sold up a bit before the end of the season. Deffinately back in on him now.

  • @WithoutLimit If he moves to Spain, what is the difference?

  • Won't be leaving this summer.. great price!!

  • He seemed to lose a lot of game time to Emerson at the back end of last season, do people exppect him to play most games, I'd think his price decrease was a result of being benched fairly often?

  • @Webbinho Sarri wasn’t too fond of him preferred Emerson he is like that , simmilar with believing Kante wasn’t good enough to play cdm

  • @Webbinho He had an injury backend of last season. Which didn't help. I expect him to be first choice LB next season but there's no gurantee.
    I don't watch chelsea but whoscored ratings are in favour of alonso.
    In title run in and europa latter stages rotation is expected hard to tell who exactly was number 1 but I think thats why he's a cheap price and no risk with no reward. Seeing he was injured sealed it for me. Think he'll be numero uno next season. But both could have good yields either way tbh.

    Also the tiny chance he could play LW for like two games lol made me want to buy him as if that happens one game he'll shoot up.

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