• Just a heads up to all holders and would be buyers he’s signed permanently for cska Moscow.

  • Shame, has a lot of PB potential. Still young enough to come back at some point, one to keep an eye on for next summer.

  • I said quite strongly a couple of days ago on a Vlasic thread (that now appears to be deleted) that it was worth avoiding as he was going to CSKA. I hope people took my advice.

  • @Manu

    Yes bought him at 38 but sold a couple of days ago for 56, so a nice profit but had hoped for a decent PB league move but agree with @westy one to keep tabs on for the future. I found it really strange that when the move was pretty certain there didn't appear to be much selling but I guess he's dropped a bit now, currently 45p.

  • @NewUser731 yeah I piped up in that thread too... whoever started the thread didn’t know what they were talking about so I can only assume they were trying a last minute pump before this deal went through

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