Andre Gomes rise or fall?

  • Will he rise or fall after completing the move to Everton? I sold up yesterday at a 20% profit cause I was unsure. He’s still very low priced for a epl midfielder.
    Just interested in what other people think

  • As good a player he is, his game is not really suited to FI. He’s a deep lying midfielder and doesn’t really get good PB scores and won’t be much MB around an Everton midfielder.

    There might be an initial rise but I don’t think he’ll have a very high ceiling

  • Might not be given the chance at united to progress . He might be forced to move to a different club that will make his price drop. If he starts the new season on the bench then i would see that as very possitive sign for investors.

  • @babyShrew Wrong Gomes buddy 😂

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