James Maddison

  • So I’m already making a VERY nice profit on him.
    He’s gone up 80p since I bought him.
    I’m just wondering when he will drop?
    Right now he 2.99 and I’m questioning myself how far over the £3 mark he will go?
    I don’t see him rising to the levels of some of the other expensive English youngsters on here mainly because he doesn’t play for such a big side.

  • @AshLewis my guess is he will drop after the euro under 21s or when the July bonus comes in. He's risen very quickly in the short space of time with no real transfer stories. As long as England are still in under 21 I think he could rise that bit more. However if he does drop I don't expect it to be massive as he is a decent player and will only improve

  • Yes, depends what time period you’re talking. I’d expect a drop post u21s, then a rise at start of new season, and barring injury he will be higher this time next year than he is now.

  • I've held Maddison for over a year, he's only going up, yeah, might be a dip after Under 21s, but as the new season starts, he'll rocket again. Watched him at Norwich, and was immense, destined for the top.

  • He’s been up about 40p since I’ve bought futures on him. Will drop after 1st July/U21s finish, but will defo rise once season starts. If he can produce the sort of form he had last season, no reason why he won’t rise

  • I'm in the exact same boat mate, timing your exit is a tricky thing, but if you don't see him going above 3,10 then I'd get out now, personally I think he will get to 3.20ish so I'm gonna hold on and hope he plays better in the next game or has some more man Utd links

  • What will Maddison’s price be at the end of next season? I guess my point is assessing capital appreciation against new buys as opposed to hanging on?

  • Remember he is yet to make his senior international debut, which could be the next round of qualifiers in early September.

  • @Jad1982 Agree with your point, if you think he has peaked now, then get out and sell him now whilst you've made a healthy profit. If you're planning on holding him for a bit, it'd be silly to sell him before next years Euros if you ask me. IMO he's guaranteed a place in the England squad if he continues is form from last season

  • @Andy Additional point, I can see him rise to about £3.50 next summer if he actually gets in the England squad

  • @NewUser296743 If he manages to get a senior debut, price will no doubt shoot up like it has done in the past month. Add to that more transfer links and he's bound to go up

  • @Andy He should do really.... We are crying out for that sort of creativity and quality in midfield. I was disappointed he didn't get in ahead of barkley for the nations league actually.

  • @NewUser296743 Definitely, gutted he didn't actually get into the senior squad. How he didn't I'll never know, but at least he's getting game time in the U21s. He most likely would've sat on the bench and only came on for 15/20mins anyway if he played in the senior team

  • @Andy agree. I can only see him rising more over the course the season/next summer:

    • first England cap to come (if he follows the pattern of Sancho and Hudson Odoi his price should increase on first cap

    • next summer he will get a move to a top 6 team most likely

    I think he’s a good long term hold IMO

    (I do hold)

  • I was up £1 a share on 100 shares, just put 15 up for market sell and they went almost straight away.
    Going to hold the rest long term as I can only see more of a rise next season

  • @NewUser296743 Barkley is the least of England’s midfield limitations.
    Delph, Dier, Henderson, Rice all in the same squad! If Maddison was there it shouldn’t have been at Barkleys expense.

  • @Timothee-Atouba

    Dier, Henderson and Rice are all holding midfielders though. While Maddison and Barkley are attacking midfielders.

    They're competing for different places in the squad.

  • Maddison is a quality player, but @2.99, I would not go for him. I would go for others already in the England team (Loftus Cheek, Barkley) cheaper and offer a higher return

  • @Victory don’t think RLC is a good idea with the price he is with such a serious injury (same with Hudson Odoi) but Barkley is a good shout! I might look into that. Especially if Lampard takes charge of Chelsea he could become a regular 🤔

  • @NewUser348798 you can think RLC is a high-risk high-return option, but you can only buy him @£2 now. When he returns from injury (or even before his return), he will be easily @£2.50;

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