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    @Andy IMO he is not a £5 player at Leicester, I think he already had the move built into his price, and now a move probably looks less likely but yet his price has gone up haha. He's won PB twice, neither time star man, I think he's a really good player and a good hold but for me I wouldn't pay £5 for him at Leicester, even if they do finish 2nd or whatever this year the chances are they will have a drop off next season

    You’re probably right, people that have bought him are more than likely to expect a move - you’d be mad to pay £5 and expect him to stay at Leicester for that price. It’s expected for Leicester to drop at least a little next season, I’d be surprised if they carried this into next season.

    £4 something at a bigger club would seem more value than currently

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    Is him looking more likely to stay at Leicester a good thing for his price?

    The way the Index works then yes. He's a good PB threat at Leicester and they'll have CL next season. But most importantly a new contract doesn't stop the speculation it just means it goes on for even longer which can only be good news for holders in a growing market.

  • Things couldn’t really have gone better for him this season. Playing in a high posession team that are flying in the league, on all set pieces and still he’s on course for a poor seasonal dividend return comparative to his price. Add in that at £5+ good price appreciation is extremely difficult.
    I wouldn’t touch him. I’d be shocked if his price movements outperform the market in the future.

  • He has been 2nd midfielder multiple times. I remember people saying he wouldn’t sustain £4.

    If he can start adding more goals to his game his value can only go up, go and look at the Villa highlights to see how close he came.

    The temptation is to continue holding forever, albeit having already recurved a 130% roi in him I will have to take the profit in the not too distant future. But when?

  • Also throw in that he's likely to be pushing for a starting spot in the england side for the euros...and if he's left out he might get a fair bit ot media either way.

    Solid hold for me... cracking player only going to keep improving whether that's at Leicester or elsewhere but right now why would he leave...apart from the obvious money i guess.

  • Should he be the 10th most expensive player on the index, with 7 MB wins and 3 PB wins? Not for me..

  • @ChazFI123 probably not if you're just looking at what he's done to date no but you have to factor in potential... he's still young...developing...will become an England regular soon, will be playing champions league football next season (with Leicester or a move) and has clocked up regular pb scores bit unlucky a few times.

    Also likely to be involved in a fair bit of media as the big boys will circle round him to try drag him away from the foxes.

  • @BlameItOnTraore if I bought him for say £4 I probably wouldn't sell, but there's no way I'd be getting on board at £5+, there is better value in players below him. Rashford for example, is cheaper, younger and will return more dividends this season IMO and next, whether United have CL or not

  • Fair argument mate i also think rashford is a great hold to be honest id rank both pretty highly.

  • @ChazFI123 I hold both, will be very interesting to see who returns most in divs this season, I could see it being quite close. Maddison has the ability to pick up a star man whereas Rashford more continuous MB. Both great holds!

  • @scfc Maddison has won PB 3 times and none of those has been star man and his highest peak score is 237, so currently you'd say he doesn't have the ability to win star man on a gold/silver day

  • @ChazFI123 yeah you’d need to be hitting scores of closer to 280/300 to be winning star man on a gold day. There’s just too much competition, especially in midfield

  • @ChazFI123 I still think he has the ability to at some point, against villa he smashed an easy chance wide and also his free kick for soyuncu’s header that somehow didn’t go in. With a goal and assist potentially would have got star man - haven’t checked that though! It would take a few things happening in his favour, but I think there’s a chance... with rashford I couldn’t see it happening but he will pick up more regular MB.

    Like I said, interested to see who picks up the most for the rest of the season but I would struggle to call it.

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