James Maddison

  • I love maddison and hold a lot of him, told a lot of friends to back him a couple of months back as he was well underpriced.... They didn't think so and then he shot up about another 40p since I told them. He's currently in my opinion the best number 10 in Europe (bold statement I know), I don't include Messi because he basically plays where he wants. What I'd do to have maddison and Ndombele at Spurs . In my opinion he is still underpriced.... But we're all different

  • @ocs123 My point being, why play two midfield players that can’t play?

  • @AshLewis

    I'm around +39p normally i'd say maybe thats his peak.. ut he's english, young, and he creates and scores goals so personally i think if he has another good season he will rise considerably despite being with leicester.. Euros coming in a years time and he will be pushing for a starting spot.. .so defo further rise.. . Soon the big boys investing thousands will also be on him if they havent already.. .

  • Jesus I wasn’t expecting this many replies, thanks guys. The general consensus I’m getting is to hold until atleast after the Euro’s.
    I see a lot of people also saying he will shoot if he gets a senior cap like other players. But the other players that have a senior cap who shot up are all playing for big clubs, with Leicester I’m not sure if he will shoot as much.
    The hardest thing about this app is deciding when to sell, that also makes it very interesting.

  • @AshLewis

    Once he plays for England and performs then naturally more attention.. more speculation and more pressure in terms of mpving to play for a bigger club

  • Maddison 4 or 5p down...

    Guys, U21 are heading out.. .meaning maddison will now be abke to speak to clubs interested in signing him. ..

    I can see man utd bidding for him... although utd have been linked with everyone this one i feel can happen. I hope he drops more ill keep toppin up ; ) certain rise for the future...

  • @Zola25 I don't think he will leave this window, and honestly it would be a terrible move to make from his perspective. However he has plenty of room to grow with a transfer to a top team and also inevitable england involvement at some point

  • https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/international-soccer/fai-reaches-out-as-maddison-considers-switch-38431909.html

    You would think this almost guarantees Maddison gets on the pitch for England in the next internationals as surely not gonna risk losing him to Ireland.

  • @janner73 or they let him go which opens up the space for mason mount... I'm hoping he stays with England. More options for us!

  • @AshLewis do you still have maddison? £3.84 now way over the £3 mark!!!?

  • @C-Money True - a switch to Ireland wouldn't be good for his FI price though. Quite possibly this has been leaked out to force Southgate's hand in playing him I guess.

  • @janner73 no definitely not. Won't drop drastically as he is still in the Premier league but will be considered Irish which stunts his growth on here. With our midfield not the strongest we do need maddison IMO. He played well 2nd half against Chelsea last week.

  • @C-Money Agree we definitely need him. Not sure Mount is ready for it just yet but Maddison definitely is.

  • There is zero chance of him declaring for Ireland. I wish he would from an Irish point of view but there’s no need to worry cause this isn’t happening.

  • Has to be gutted not to have started either of the two England games but we know full well Southgate sticks to the people he thinks he can trust.
    Maddison deserved a start as he can make things happen.

  • @Gazz127 said in James Maddison:

    Has to be gutted not to have started either of the two England games but we know full well Southgate sticks to the people he thinks he can trust.
    Maddison deserved a start as he can make things happen.

    Crazy isn’t it. I’d say the midfield three are exposed not good enough, not trustworthy.
    Silly old Gareth. What an opportunity to give players games that could be good enough.

  • He should come on HT for Barkley

  • @Feldy He obviously don't think he can do a job🤔

  • Absolutely laughable that he is not going to play 1 minute in the two qualifiers. Southgate is clueless.

  • @MJC
    It was not a controlled performance, could actually go in his favour long term as against better teams we would be destroyed if we played like that

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