• How good was he tonight vs Chelsea? Looks like missing out on PB by a couple points but surely due a big move in the summer? Thoughts?

  • Quality player, as much as I'd hate him to go there he'd be a brilliant signing for Arsenal.

    I've waxed lyrical about him on FI for ages but he hasn't shown up for a while. Shame they didn't give him an assist for Deulofeu's goal cos he made the last pass!!

  • @Agatello I think he did get the assist for the delefeou goal? He went up 10 just after it anyway, or was it then deducted later on? I’d take him at Utd as I could see him in a 3 with pogba and matic, would also give pogba a bit more license too

  • Not sure mate maybe he did, is it 15 for an assist?

  • @Agatello I thought 10 but have to say not 100% sure, I’m sure some kind soul will set us straight ...... ahem

  • @Matt-bankroll I posted on the forum the numbers under how PB is calculated

  • Yeah just checked that and yep you're right 10 puntas for an assist!

  • 10 points for an assist, of which he got 2 of this evening.

  • Didn't watch it last night because the wife made me watch silent witness (which was very good) but i've always been impressed with Doucoure when he's played. Dominant, aggressive, forward thinking, I think a 'big' prem move is around the corner so on that basis 0.81 or whatever he is should be a steel...

    Incidentally how did Richarlison do last night???? I've watched him a number of times and have been equally as impressive but since adding him to my fantasy football team in November he's been having his Delli Alli moment of underachieving!!!! still young I think he could potentially go on to big things too?

    I am intrigued by the Watford model, not sure if its how I want 'my club' to follow suit but its certainly one that gets results!!!!

  • @dannypea richarlison struggled and has done for a while to meet his early season form, apparently though his last game for his previous club befor Watford was end of July so he hasn’t had a break for a year and a half now, think he needs a break but I believe he will be top 6 player too

  • I thought R had a pretty decent game - some good attacking play & was involved a fair bit. The rest of the team doing so well might be a bit of an obstacle but ...

  • Lift off last couple days!

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