IPO Scam

  • Am I missing a trick here, as today I tried to get some IPO of a certain player. Within about 2 seconds the price went from its supposed issue price of 60p to over £1.20!! Something is obviously being done here because I was there as soon as the player was visible!! Anyone shed any light on this??

  • @NewUser68854 it's happened since the day FI began as far as I'm aware. People with ridiculously fast broadband or something more sinister. Not sure but I tend to avoid the ipo's now till they've settled because you rarely get time sort cheap anyway.

  • If you watch the User Activity box while a hot IPO launches the same names come up again and again selling 100 at a time into the buying frenzy

  • How is it possible to sell 100 at a time early on? I thought the instant sell was locked for 24 hours+ Maybe I'm missing something?

  • @NewUser93431 Don't have to instant sell - just join the sell queue and because lots of people are still buying at that stage you'll get rid of them very fast.

  • Bot buying - needs a filter like ticketmaster have for selling tickets.

  • I’m not a bot got in at 73p! Just a bit of luck! All part of the game I suppose!

  • I thought this too until I got in on Ethan Ampadu when he came onto the market at 37p. More than just a bit of luck involved I think but I do agree that bot buying ruins things

  • If I'm right in my thinking, it's supposed to be 100 shares = 1p increase/decrease. That means 10 people with a fast finger hitting the "buy max" button will very quickly shift the price up by 10p. That's how I've always seen it anyway, but could be wrong. I've also noticed the price fluctuates up and down within seconds of the launch, which suggests people are jumping in the sell queue very quickly after buying.

    I've no idea really on the inner workings of the mechanism but that's how I've always viewed it at least anyway.

  • I managed to get Ampadou at 30p. That means I'm the only one right? Woo hoo. I have a pretty powerful gaming pc and a really fast internet connection so every little helps I think.

    I could not repeat it the next day with Arp and Frenkie however. I panicked when I couldn't find Arp in the list after searching cause you know, they don't appear at the top of the list...

    Also does anyone know what's up with the fewer timeslots? I can usually only go for the 8:00-10:00 ones cause of work.

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