• What do you we think will happen to Neymars price if he does return to Barcelona?

    Potentially a big drop surely as he will be back in Messi’ shadow

  • I think it’ll rise. His PB options will fall, but MB will go up.
    He’ll be a real CL contender.
    Messi injury and he’s main man!

  • Further........

    He was injured most of the second half of last season, swore at EUFA officials at the CL game and picked up a ban, punched a fan at the french cup, been accused of rape, dropped out of copa America due to injury.

    And is still the most expensive player on the index and current rising...........

    Why would a move to Barca be anything but a plus???

  • Yeah price should go up... Mb more reliable and frequent than pb... And a move of that interest will gather mb all year.

  • Don't see a big drop.
    A slight drop initially, then a consistent rise up through the season.

    Barca likely to go far in the CL. Likely to be a great race for La Liga this season given all the signings Madrid have made.

    He'll still good enough to win PBs in La Liga. And MBs during CL campaign and el classicos are almost guaranteed if he scores.

    (He must not get injured again obvs)

  • Only way I see is up, MB gold, will compete for PB all season as long as he stays fit

  • Looks like another top spot today - absolute MB machine.

    His speculation has barely got started too.

  • I think a lot of newer users are now realising why Neymar is the king - Another top spot yesterday and already in 1st place with 260 this morning.

    If he can avoid injuries he should soon creep back up to his £8.50 peak wherever he ends up.

  • A mr Steven c just put 10k+ into Ney Ney

    I expect a decent drop on him come the 1st July.

  • Boom, up up and away....

  • I can't check port as abroad.. But he's my biggest hold.. So I'm glad to get an alert about him 🚀 hehe....

    Maybe that user will take out his shares but maybe he bought as a safe option to avoid the dip. £20k is max needed for max bonus... 20k in neymar is under 3000 shares... So max price movement of 3p if he just did it for the bonus. If he put more than 20k I'd suggest its not for the bonus.

    Plus buying a premium player now, just to withdraw in a few days is senseless as the spread is worse than some of the penny stocks. Almost certainly be IS at a loss too.

  • Both Neymar and Mbappe are two of my biggest holds. I think this would be exceptional for both. Mbappe would get a clean run at PB in League 1 next season! Then I’d predict he’ll get his move to Real next summer...

  • @SteveP said in Neymar:

    Both Neymar and Mbappe are two of my biggest holds. I think this would be exceptional for both. Mbappe would get a clean run at PB in League 1 next season! Then I’d predict he’ll get his move to Real next summer...

    Mbappe had a fair chunk of last season to win PB with Neymar out the side but his game is not suited to PB which was further underlined in those periods.

    His MB will increase though as the season goes on and his inevitable transfer draws closer added to the Euros 2020. I don’t hold at present but I imagine he will he one I get back at some point he n the next few months.

  • Links with utd again. If that was to happen would there be an argument for dumping all your MB players and lumping it all on neymar? Surely hed win 9 days out of 10.

  • @MickTurbo if it happens the index would go into meltdown 🤣 of course there would be a delay for all the utd fans to go change their underpants 😜

  • I thought the same thing mate. He'd be a ridiculous price and the next best would be absolutely miles away.

    Definitely wouldn't be good for the index. Cant see it happening mind, surely last thing utd want is another giant ego

  • Neymar conformed as having a medical with Barca on the 29th might break the market!

  • @SSC confirmed by who?

  • Isn’t Griezmann still meant to be going to Barca too?! Release clause trigger on July 1. 😳🤯

    That’s quite a front 3. With Suarez on the bench!

  • Also, on a side note if Neymar leaves then Mbappe at PSG has potential to rack up PBs few times next season. Then summer transfer MB and move to Real Madrid likely.

    My advice, if you own both - Hold
    If you don't - buy both.

  • @Snrub No I meant hypothetically. The mix of deposit bonus still in play and the top player moving back to the top table would be chaos, especially with the likely sell off again 24 hours later.

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