• I bought just a few shares in him at 6.92 logged in to see a big increase in his value. I thought it would be because his move to Barcelona happened tbh.

  • @Vespasian32 Cheers. Be interesting to see if the same sort of gap happens now Neymar is officially settled and 'quoted' as being prepared to knuckle down. If the gap is similar, Neymar could reach £8.20ish!

    Maths: Mbappe was 82.5% of Neymar's value pre split. If we assume the gap stays the same (which of course it won't but it represents a good idea of perceived difference in value at the time - how much that has changed we'll have to wait to see) and we take the top price behind Neymar and Pogba as £7 - Sancho £7.03 at time of writing - then multiply that by 1.175 (100% plus the 17.5% gap) Neymar reaches £8.22

    Of course, this is assuming the market perceives the difference between Neymar and Pogba compared to the rest of the market is the same as it used to be. Interesting to crunch the numbers either way!

  • My lucky day. Sold James on the goal as have a big profit in him. Put it all on Neymar. Had a meeting with my accountant just got home 🚀🚀.
    Shame about the Pog though. One day they will both be where they belong. £8.00

  • When will Neymar be back fit and playing?

  • Neymar was as high as £8.50 post share split.

    I’m not suggesting he’ll hit those heights again any time soon, but it gives an idea of his potential.

    His dividends have been unbelievable over the last 100 days. Nearly 90p now.

  • @Millonarios

    PSG’s next match.

  • @Millonarios tuchel has been saying 'it's impossible to play neymar whilst the transfer is ongoing...' as reason for not playing, rather than injury. So hopefully neymar back very soon. Probably on the bench next game.

  • @ocs123 mmmm more divs today

  • @Vespasian32 yeah im pretty sure he is fit now and will play next match.

  • I'm fed up of Neymar winning me dividends all the time. It's been like nearly every day for a month now and I'm sick of it.

    I'm also annoyed that my portfolio has had a massive rise today due to the news that hes not going and many people who sold him previously (and missed out on all the divs) have bought back into him.

    When the same thing happens to Pogba next week due to the major European transfer windows closing, I'm going to lose my shit.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah I'm at £1200 divs on him now... Which is pretty cool if you think how many beers that buys... Less cool when you realise its just one months mortgage payment covering 1 month out of 360 ☺ 🙁

  • @Vespasian32 this is why im getting on it at 19. So it can pay for the mortgate

  • is he still worth jumping up on now, saw somewhere he could go to 8 pound as hes really good at pb and ive seen hes good at mb. how much percentage will he give pb per share about?

  • I would say he still worth it. a sure thing cant see him going lower the 7.20 now this season maybe up to 7.50-8 pound. Will give u between 5-10 percent back in dividends.

  • @R2d2 said in Neymar:

    I would say he still worth it. a sure thing cant see him going lower the 7.20 now this season maybe up to 7.50-8 pound. Will give u between 5-10 percent back in dividends.

    He's returned something like £1.55 in the last month alone which equates to over 22% yield. Granted that may drop off as the transfer spec dies down over the next couple of months but then it will be all about him returning to 1st team action, how he performs,his relationship with the players and fans etc and then of course the added bonus of his main strength which hasnt been available to him for the last few months.....The PB.

  • Gona be a dip as lots of people will have been cursing their hold and thinking of IS for the last few weeks and now so relieved he's risen a bit they will sell to market. There will also be some sky fox who bought as soon as the news came out for a very expensive quick flip. I think he'll bounce around in the 7.15-7.30 mark for a while. First start should see a nice rise tho, and a good pb score could see a big jump again.

  • @Vespasian32 remember if they market sell he will only dip while up for sale once bought it will go back up so if people are managing to market sell no bother its really only going to slow growth it wont cause i dip

  • @Black-wolf yeh so I'm saying there's probably a few thousand in the queue right now... He got to 7.29 and I haven't seen many IS since the rise. Each time he goes up he drops down... More people just drop feeding some to the queue. I think itl take a few days to clear the queue and make the next jump into 7.30s

    Probably after the International break as people sell their flips on cheap Russians etc and put their money back into club players.

  • @Vespasian32 ahh ok i get you sorry

  • £7k dividends in 2 years from the true King of the Index. 🍾
    He's back :)

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