• @Snrub No I meant hypothetically. The mix of deposit bonus still in play and the top player moving back to the top table would be chaos, especially with the likely sell off again 24 hours later.

  • @SSC ah right. Yea definitely! I can't see it happening but then I said the same thing about Neymar to PSG last time so you never know

  • I've only really paid attention to dividends in the last couple of months, and looking at FIS neymar's PB returns make up the weight of his value as his MB is not close to pogba so I'm thinking that when the season starts neymar will be featuring in the top 3 far less regularly. Would this be fair to say based on past performance?

  • @MickTurbo not how I see it.. With the trouble he's caused in the last 6 months I would say he. Will be top 5 mb and PB over the season... And in total divs probably top 3 if not the king.

  • @Vespasian32 you're clearly better informed on him and on divs in general than me, like I say, I've never took notice of the live ranking 'in season' having only started in feb, and been pretty much clueless till mid april lol.

    Just a thought I'd had. Having lumped on pog today I'm not about to dive into neymar any time soon, just wondering how much he will hinder my holds for MB once the footy starts

  • @NewUser160419

    Barcelona are a bigger draw in MB terms than PSG, so i’d expect his MB to improve.

    But PB is likely to suffer as he’ll be competing directly with Messi.

    Net result, i’m expecting no significant change in his share price.

  • Neymar . 35p in 2016/17 season. ( thats old MB money).

    Messi .15p

    Rooney £1.05 2016/2017

    Pogba .90p 2016/2017

    Man U heavy bias.

  • Some rumours Madrid are going to rival Barca for Neymar? Sounds fanciful but MB is MB!

  • @SIFI probably Real trying to drive up the price to shaft Barca 🤣

  • Sounds like the deal is done- Barce

  • Seen a few instant sells...its gone the way the it was hinting at at a long time, odd that people are IS now its near he will be back playing football. Media will still be on him for ages too.

  • @Westy The media will ALWAYS be on him in my opinion. I would think at Barca he is more of an MB draw than he is at PSG, because Barca are so widely followed (and considered newsworthy) in the UK compared to PSG.

    I hope he doesn't drop too far - as you say surely people who feared a move to Barca would have been silly to be holding on until this point? I would expect his price to rise back again fairly soon - probably shortly after his first game as a Barca player!

  • Hopefully he drops low enough for me to be able to afford to jump on the Neymar train!

  • I find it strange people selling. This has been nailed on for days.

  • @MrWh1te Yeah, it would have been a strange "gamble" to bank on him staying at PSG when all the news has been suggesting he was leaving for weeks, and with the way he had been basically frozen out at PSG.

    I honestly think he should be more valuable at Barca than he has been at PSG,but the market appears to disagree with me.

  • Yeh I think we ditched a lot of twitchy holders over the last month or so... This will be the remnants of those who wait for solid news... Or people predicting his price will drop below 6.80 so they can buy back in cheaper. Ive decided to hold as I don't think he will fall far below 6.80 if at all. When it stabilises in a day or so I'll top up as usual.

  • @Vespasian32 Was about to ask a couple of questions and you've already answered them here before i've asked!

  • Looks like all the money is going straight into mbappe.

  • @Vespasian32 Presumably you agree with me that he will still be a formidable force on FI as a Barca player?

    I can't see the media suddenly losing interest in him - if anything they will be more interested. Regarding PB, he had 6 PB wins in 20 starts last season at PSG, to Messi's 12 in 36 starts. Messi may take some PB off him, but Neymar could also take some PB off Messi, and i think the increase in MB would eclipse any drop off in PB anyway.

  • My Slack bot tells me Neymar is dead. Well his price is anyway. Where's the shock? Still winning MB everyday and now he might play. He's not dead is he?

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