• @Squire1905 i think this massively effects griemann so would sell him and also i would sell benzema as i jsut think he is old and not a great hold at his age and price. Yes he could rise to 1.10 or soemthing but not much more and not many divs

  • @Westy mate i was typing this and didnt see yours are our messages cloned

  • The Dembele loan part of the deal is interesting...doesn't get in barce team now for sure, but maybe as @LittleFish suggests, barce might know messi could be on the physical demise, so want dembele back after this season. Might just be more that dembele is too proud to go to french league. Dembele n Mbappe will be fun to watch.

    Bit surprised Suarez wasnt ever linked with the deal.

  • I don't think Dembele get's anywhere near the Barca team now either @Westy but to suggest he's replacement for Messi because of impending physical demise is laughable.

    Dembele has one of the worst injury records I can think of!

  • @LittleFish said in Neymar:

    safe to buy now? Just went up a penny.

    edit back down a penny

    I think there will be another drop when the 9-5 workers get out.

  • I don't know about you guys but I've been freeing money from profit taking to put into Neymar for once window closed. I've IS now some of my more speculative holds that haven't done anything so far this season. All this money is going into Neymar. The amount of divs he has produced whilst not playing is outstanding.
    I'm genuinely excited for the coming season holding a decent number of Neymar futures.

  • I only have 24 and didn't buy till the rape allegations went public, but even that has paid me out over £20 in divs.

  • @Westy thanks mate. I should be at work but I'm not leaving my pc/iphone/ipad for a bit. Tea and Tipping Point while I await news.

  • @LukeMalla ha yeh true...

  • @LittleFish Yeah, I will be topping up my Neymar holding over the course of the next couple of days once I have sold a few players on. My current average buy price is £7.56 so I welcome the chance to get more of him on the cheap, as well as lower that figure too.

    Have one player in the queue already, will be looking through my portfolio very studiously over the next few hours.

  • What??!! Neymar might be leaving PSG for Barca??!! Panic!! Panic!! IS the lot!! Why wasn't their any media coverage on this story?? Oh, wait, that's what all the dividends I have been getting virtually daily since I finally bought him were from.

    Move to Barca is fantastic and his price should recover and then increase. His PB may take a hit playing with Messi at al in a better league or it may improve. He is Brazilian so only 38 PB games a year until next World Cup. His MB scores will be massively improved and MB is available 365 days a year, say maybe 305 if he has a very quiet summer next year, so this is a massive boost.

    Also feel he will play more games and have a lot less of the niggely sick note injuries, disciplinary problems etc he has faced recently and will be playing with a smile on his face again with his friends. Or not, which would be MB gold too!!

    Edit: Oops, forgot Barca play in Champions League!!, so about 50PB games a year or 150 games in a 3 year hold. That is 1,095 MB days, or 1,035 with next summer off for good behaviour!!

  • For me He held his price of around £7 pounds while effectively only being MB relevant for the last 9 months. Now he is at a club that he actually wants to play for, he becomes PB relevant. Yes Messi is there, but he wont play every week. As a MB hold nothing changes, if anything it gets better as they will be in CL longer. PB is an added bonus. Im holding and will watch when he starts to creep up again.

  • Personally I am delighted with the drop, I bought in on him last time he slipped below £7 and regretted that i didn't buy more so now that he is on the cheap again I'll buy as much as i can afford as i think he's a great hold and will return solid dividends as well as return to £7.50ish before the season is over

  • More crazy reactions to transfer rumours 😂😂😂! Am I the only one who thinks this is nowhere near a done deal yet?

  • @LukeMalla my average is £7.38. It's events like this that give relatively new players a chance to get this goldmine of a player at a value price.

  • Seems the 9-5 bunch are seeing it more as a time to buy, up 2p.

  • @Westy sometimes is the rise before the drop... I kind of want to top up so I would like a bigger dip but if not nevermind clearly there's faith it doesn't matter where he ends up. Will still be bringing hom the 🥓

  • If it does go ahead i wouldnt be surprised if the srays at PSG on a season long loan

  • Very happy to shave 1/3rd of my holding off and spread it out around other players. I can't see as much MB, but still happy to hold a fair amount.

    Topped up on Sancho, KdB, TAA and Laporte instead.

  • Neymar is a brilliant HOLD.
    The drop is a great time to buy. See if drops a little more, then pounce and hold.

    Initially may see a further drop as he moves. But thereafter, he's media magic, he knows La Liga and is fully capable of PBs. He's Brazils main man so always in the news. His single syllable name means he picks up more MBs easier too.
    I've held for so long.
    7k made ONLY in DIVIDENDS!!
    Happy days to all.
    Good luck guys.

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