Kieran Tripper

  • I'm lumping on this guy. He didn't get much pitch time last season, but you can bet your house on it he will this year. Pochettino is warming to him, and if any of his last 10 game are anything to go by - he'll do mighty well. Currently trading at 91p!

    This is the only promo I've found recently with enough value in buying!

  • Could've made a tidy sum by picking up and selling in an hour 😂😂 along with Marcelo.

    Totally agree. Quality right back who will get plenty of game time and will look for a place in the world cup squad. Long term would be a smart investment

  • Trouble is, their price shoots up too quickly (automated purchasing?) to be able to capitalise on their promotion. For me, this is the biggest issue with Football index and needs to be addressed asap

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