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  • Just finding my feet here and am really unclear as to what players are included in the database. It seems really odd that you can buy/sell players from across the European leagues, yet not all premier league players are included.

    I also notice that Vinicius Junior is the highest 'Riser'yet I can find him in the Top 200 or Squad players list but can buy/sell shares. Am I missing something here?

  • @NewUser86841 he will be an ipo today I suggest avoiding as all growth will be done now.

    They have been releasing players at random no rhyme or reason from top 5 leagues plus Europa and champ league players

  • Cheers.

    What's an ipo?

  • @NewUser86841 initial public offering. The first time that player has appeared on the index

  • Brill. Cheers.

    I still don't understand why I was able to buy/sell shares in him yesterday, but he wasn't in the Top 200 or Squad lists. The only way I could do it was via the Risers list.

    This site has potential to make its creators incredibly rich. But it needs some serious improvement, pretty quickly IMO, it's all a bit all over the place at the moment. And their tutorial video is overwhelmingly inadequate.

  • He ws just released the day you seen him, so was in the squad list, thats why his increase was so high, the re jig the squad and first team list every 24hrs, i am guessing at midnight, so there will be over laps depending on risers and fallers in that 24hr period

  • @NewUser86841 the forums are usually helpful so just keep asking questions :)

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