• I’m struggling to find where it says qualifiers don’t count.
    Can anyone help???

  • @Ringers said in WOLVES:

    I’m struggling to find where it says qualifiers don’t count.
    Can anyone help???

    I think it’s a case of ‘qualifiers’ being considered pre-tournament fixtures - similar to how World Cup qualifiers are not considered World Cup games.

  • I don't think qualifiers count but as long as they progress. Look at the amount of activity in Copa America, African Cup of Nations and the U-21 tournament players. Also might pick up some MB, if in the Top 200, as these qualifiers will have plenty of media coverage after months of speculation and rumours in the transfer window.

  • Nuno wants to keep a small competitive squad so any of the players will be an investment in my opinion. Neves, Jota, Raul, Coady (an England call up surely is on the cards) and Vinagre still have great growth potential. Doherty, Moutinho and Boly will be great for IPD. Keep your eyes on Ennis, Kilman and Sanderson if they are ever released as IPO’s.

  • Dendoncker is good money. Only played the 2nd half of the season, scored twice and had several PB scores of over 100 after Christmas. Move is permanent now, playing for place in Belgium squad for next summer. Think he will be one to watch for Wolves.

  • Wolves have a very small squad so all players are very investable at the moment as they will all be expected to play more games. Vinagre and Adama Traore are the 2 players I think that will benefit the most from the Europa League.

    1 player I think who is hugely undervalued at the moment is Conor Coady, played every single minute of every game last year for Wolves. English, Captain, and is 39p?!

  • I've thought about buying adama traore loads of times. I'm a boro fan and have seen plenty of him, I'm sure theres a player in there but it's an all or nothing. Could end up being dead money, could end up the best money I've ever spent. But with so many other players I want to build holds in he hasn't got any of my money yet. If ges still the same price in another year he'll probably be much higher on my list by then

  • @MickTurbo
    Nuno experimented with him at RWB in the home game v Cardiff and he was superb, unstoppable that day. I actually think Bamba did his knee in trying to foul him.
    A full summer of coaching under Nuno and his team and you never know what kind of player Adama could become, the transformation in Coady and Doherty has been amazing.

  • Jonny Castro is first choice LB and half the price of Vinagre, get on now while ye can #pump

  • I have 300x Boly and Moutinho, 100x Jimemez, Jota, Docherty and Coady and x20 Dendoncker. Always a bad idea too have too many players from one team but I couldn't resist any of them. Plan is to top up on all of them but this thread is driving up the prices! Shhhhh!!

  • @NewUser103993 said in WOLVES:

    1 player I think who is hugely undervalued at the moment is Conor Coady, played every single minute of every game last year for Wolves. English, Captain, and is 39p?!

    Most people probably assume he is American/Canadian with a name like that

  • @Chris-J Conor Coady could be lifting the Europa League next summer.

  • Randomly came across this thread, looking for info on Wolves players and traders attitudes towards them in these euro qualifiers (playing Torino tomorrow).

    Since this thread was started, Dendonker almost doubled in value at his peak last week! 😨

  • i'm always skeptical about investing in players 'before' they actually qualify for Europe!!! Yes you might get a better price now than you would in a few weeks but if Wolves don't beat Torino this theory could fall flat on its face?

    Much better for me would be to look at the European qualifying teams once guaranteed and in the group stages and to who plays who as you can make some serious money by backing players once you know who their longer term opponents are!!

  • @dannypea I suspect there will be a lot of people who experience their first 'knocked out of Europe' drops if Wolves were to get knocked out by Torino.

  • @janner73 i'm thinking back to Burnley last season when something similar happened!

  • @dannypea For sure. I would have Wolves as favourites but Torino are a decent side that are more than capable of upsetting them.

  • Torino play a very similar way to wolves too, so it’ll be interesting to see how wolves cope with that considering it’s fairly unique in the PL.
    Still expecting wolves to get through though

  • I wouldn't call it an upset if Torino won as both are more than competent and Torino are decent defensively. I think Wolves are slightly better and should edge the tie and in a way its a shame both sides are up against each other as i would have loved for both to be in the group stages!!! In fact i find it a bit weird that UEFA have not separated the top seeding nations from playing against each other at this stage??? after all i'm sure they want all the big teams in the competition from a marketing perspective??

  • Both legs are live on Premier Sports if anyone is interested in watching. Expect it to be very close, just glad the 2nd leg is at Molineux under the lights with a full house.

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