Friday 9th Feb Fixtures

  • Following my first post on Monday's fixtures, this Friday gives another chance of for me to shed some insite around the few games to come. This may be a bit of long one, but I want to be thorough - after all it will save those of you reading this time researching yourselves.

    This Friday we have 4 games, but none present any standout players that should be able to predicts picking up those dividends. Therefore, I'll give you all the facts to make your own judgement/investments for the games ahead.

    • St.Etienne vs Marseille
    • Atletico Bilbao vs Las Palmas
    • Fiorentina vs Juventus
    • RB Leipzig vs FC Augsburg

    Looking at the first match (St.Etienne/Marseille), Marseille have to be considered favorites for this one, they're having a very good season currently operating at 2nd and despite St.Etienne coming into this match of the back of two wins, I think Marseille will win this one. Florien Thauvin would be my pick for this match, he's in great goal scoring form and picks up a lot of points.

    The match of that day looks likely to be Fiorentina vs Juve and I have this one down as a Juve win. Juve find themselves in an unfamiliar position this season by not being top of the table after the mid way point, despite having equally great campaign. They come into this match again in great form winning the last 10 and I can see that becoming 11. This game is also where I'd look at for those PB winners.

    Gonzalo Higuain will be the obvious choice for this, especially after getting a hat-trick last time out and with the injury to Dybala. Another option in the forward category is Bernardeschi (if he starts) - playing against his former club he'll be looking to impress and typically scores well. However, my pick for the day would be Werner - Leipzig are full of goals and this man gets his fair share, he'll also be looking to guarantee his starting spot in the WC with a good end to the season. Pjanic again is an obvious choice and I agree, I think he'll be within the best chance of securing the dividends. Competition could come from Thauvin, but being over £1 cheaper - I'd pick Pjanic. Finally, we're left with defenders - with Juve's stern defense and high point scoring players, it's going to be my choice of where to go. Benatia is where most people would go and is a very good option for Friday and the rest of the season - he's in very good form and in my opinion has been their best CB this season. A much cheaper option at 61p is De Sciglio, he's fought his way into the team of late and has performed very well. He looks set to continue his run in the side and will be keen to continue to impress.

    Please do let me know any feedback on this - keen to improve where needs be.

  • @MrWhiteWave

    So this is where it gets interesting let's start with defenders on base stats it's a toss up between benatia and Barzagli now with benatia being far younger that's probably the tip. However fiorentina are in good form.and I can see them playing well here do for defender I'm going to shout out hiroki sakai at marseille.

    Onto midfielders this one really is a no brainer on the stats you have to go with thauvin

    Strikers toss up between finnbogason, werner and germain. German players just don't seem to pick up as many PB wins for some reason so I'm going for a mars eille hat trick and punt for germain

  • I agree that the defenders are a toss up, but think it's a toss up between Benatia (145 AV PB) and De Sciglio (127 AV PB) and maybe Biraghi (114 AV PB) from Fiorentina, whereas Barzagli (AV PB is 112). However i'd disagree that Fiorentina are in good form, having won 1 in last 6.

    Bold shout with Germain getting a hat-trick, but he certainly has the ability to do so.

  • @MrWhiteWave lol I didn't mean germain gets a hat trick I meant I was backing mars eille for def, mid and fwd

  • Great post!

    I'd home in on Bilbao myself with being at home vs Las Palmas but now Laporte has gone I don't see a great deal of value/talent in their ranks. Inaki Williams could be an option but he's quite pricey at £1.14 compared to other strikers.

    Marseille are on fire as you say so Thauvin or Ocampos could come good... or even Maxime Lopez\Luis Gustavo for their solid Baseline's. Adil Rami is a goal threat from defence too. (yes I have a vested interest in all of them to be completely transparent).

    Pjanic and Benatia are good calls.

    However after saying all of that watch Augsburg grab the only win of the night :-)

  • I'm going.... Lekue, Thauvan, Mitroglu

    Put your mortgage on em!!!!!!!!

  • @Agatello nah guatanteed st etienne shock smashing of marseille 4-0

  • @Agatello Much appreciated! I think that the Marsellie midfield is very difficult to pick a winner from and as you say Gustavo and Lopez have good baseline. The question will be whether Thauvin can get a goal to win it or Ocampos starts the game and gets a goal - I do fancy them to.

  • @dannypea Mitroglu could be a good option also, depends whether his 3 goals last night will get him a starting spot - he's having a poor domestic campaign.

  • De Sciglio and Payet are the best bang for buck PB picks IMO

  • @MrWhiteWave he scored against Metz too last week so maybe in a rich vein of form?

  • Se Sciglio and Thauvin me thinks - interesting topic, we will know soon enough.:..

  • Rami, thauvin, Werner for me. Although lookman could be interesting if he gets a start after his cameo goal last time

  • How about sabitzer from Leipzig?

  • Juve look in good form though. I've kept Sandro pjanic and higuain from the last game.

  • Great post thanks!

  • Sandro, Pjanic, Forsberg and Philipp Max already in my portfolio. Added De Sciglio at 59p in anticipation of the money influx and then Higuain for pure PB value. Lining up bargain basement player but waiting to free up funds 😴 if I can get on him in time and he scores well then I'm getting naked haha

  • @MrWhiteWave Good spot with De Sciglio, I spotted him a few weeks ago and he's my biggest hold now, slowly going up in price, he is slowly starting to find the form he was having a few years back when rumoured to be the next big thing, can see him make the Right back position his own, and his price should then cheap towards the £1 mark.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser74233 100% agree. If he continues his form I don't see why he can't be in the region of Alex Sandro's price - although Sandro also has transfer rumors helping there's no reason why De Sciglio can't make it to £1, having a better PB score.

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