Wilshire on the rise???

  • Jack Wilshire has been steadily rising for the past month (more or less) anybody got any idea why?!!!

  • I heard a sob story on Talksport about a week ago. During his final year at Arsenal his kid was very sick, Wilshire was not sleeping, distracted etc and form dipped. Now kid is fully recovered and Wilshire is claiming to be fully fit, fully committed etc. Not sure if this part of the reason? Or just new traders?

  • Just getting up off his hospital bed from his latest injury?

  • @Dan-w possibly 😂 whatever it is he's on the up!

  • Thought I would bump this thread as he's on the rise again. Was +12p in 24hr at one point yesterday.

    Possible MB potential once its open to the whole market?

  • Anyone think this bloke has more than 4 games a season left in him - or do you think he is broken beyond repair?

  • @Milnerman IMO he is done.... such a waste of potential.

  • @Milnerman said in Wilshire on the rise???:

    Anyone think this bloke has more than 4 games a season left in him - or do you think he is broken beyond repair?

    I'm not on him but have certainly looked at him.

    He's 42p now & was 88p in August, that's over a 50% drop. 😱

    If you're going to ride on the Wilshire train, now is the time to buy the ticket. 🚂

    Injury prone? Course he is!

    But he's still only 27 & we have seen where his price can go with a run of good form.

  • With Squad players eligible for media buzz, he only needs to put in a few decent performances or bang a goal and he will be all over the media. At least i'm hoping :D

  • I’m gonna jump on. 100 shares it is.

    Spunked more up the wall on the wrong Silva last year. And bought De Maria the day he got injuried last year.

    So what’s 40 odd quid?


    All aboard lol.

  • @Milnerman don't sell for a penny less than 63p.

    This is a 50% trade. That £42 will be £60 odd before you know it.

    Just hope he doesn't move too much yet as I still need to buy 2,000.

  • In for a penny😁

  • @Ericali hope youre right ive held him at a loss for a while now but ive just kept topping up hoping his price recovers

  • Thinking of jumping on the Wilshere bandwagon, looking at someone like Tom Davies 71p, when wilshere is 40 something makes him look decent value and it’s not like anybody can knock his talent, England have a massive need for someone like Wilshere in their side, it’s just if he can stay fit and I know that’s a massive if

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