Dani Ceballos

  • Pre U21 tournament £1.07, now £1.47. How much higher do you think he will go? Interested to see at what point experienced users would get our at.

    Previously worked at selling once a 25% profit has been achieved which has worked well for past 4 months.

  • @MJC140 wait for the transfer rumors and another little spike or at least till Spain are knocked out of the u-21s, I don’t think he’ll drop too much after the euros with an impending transfer. I’d bail out before he makes a transfer

  • If Spain end up winning the final and he gets player of the tournament so we reckon this would help him to hold or increase his price?

    It also sounds like he’s on his way to the Prem so I’m fairly happy to keep hold.

  • Whatever happens it looks like he will leave Madrid , a goal scoring central midfielder in the EPL , especially if he goes to Spurs or Arsenal should rise.
    I got in at 88p prior to tournament so am happy , my policy is to keep hold of young players regardless of % rises unless I think they have peaked I have made mistakes along the way but thats FI.

  • Seems to be the focal point of the Spanish team, always on the ball.

    Arsenal or Spurs could do a lot worse then to pick him up. Having a great under 21 tournament as well.

  • He's just become my first player to pass £100 profit on so chuffed with him, bought 300 @£1.17 and hopefully a transfer will see a couple of days close to picking up some MB too

  • @MJC140 Ceballos currently in talks with Spurs apparently - a great move for club and player alike

  • @MJC140 Yes and FI wise just 22, game suits the matrix, should play for Spain next year. I still think there’re legs in his price but will probably dip after a confirmed transfer.

  • @Timothee-Atouba then I will top up. This guy is a star in the making and really hope Levy snaps him up on loan with a buy clause.

  • @Hotspur For sure, really hope we get him. At the prices quoted he’s great value.

  • @Timothee-Atouba ‘Sky Sources’ day arsenal now also in for him..!

  • @SIFI That's probably because they heard he only wants to go out on loan

  • What’s people’s thoughts on Dani after yesterday’s performance?
    I’m wondering if he’ll drop a bit more next week if Arsenal lose to Spurs.
    Basically I’m looking to get in on him but trying to figure out if he’s bottomed out yet

  • Watched the game and was a little concerned he might dictate the game but to be honest he didn’t do much I’d probably wait till the Tottenham game because if they lose he could drop more. Just my opinion.

  • Showed again on Sunday that he could be a monster at PB. Risen 12p off the back of it but i'm surprised not more as he ticks many boxes for me.

    High PB*

    Only 23 years old*

    Arsenal in Europe and arguably should go far in competition*

    Good chance of Euro's with Spain (he has 8 caps)

    Transfer speculation as still owned by Real Madrid and might look to make Arsenal stay permanent or move somewhere else*

    Has peaked at over £2.52 in late August so room for growth*

    This to me makes him now my most confident hold.

  • @Ben_pz mine too. I've bought the dip time and time again and feel that a big reward is just around the corner now

  • I thought it would be a 50/50 fight between Ceballos & Ozil but with Arteta playing Ceballos as the deep-lying playmaker & Ozil playing as the No.10 he could have solved the problem of how to get both involved in his team.

  • @Ericali Yeah it seemed to work well. Will be interesting to see if he sticks with it going forward

  • @MickTurbo Yeah I bought a large amount last week but have topped up further on the back of Sunday and now one of my biggest holds. If he can maintain a regular starting spot in these last few months of the season I see no reason why he can't get nearer £3.

  • Ceballos looked the best player on the pitch Sunday, everything went through him. Absolutely criminal if he doesn’t play for the rest of the season. Surely I can’t be the only person that thinks Ozil is finished 🤯

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