Dwight Mcneil

  • Been thinking about buying into him for a while and eventually took the plunge a couple of days back when he was 1.30. Even now at 1.39 he looks cheap compared to other similar English talent.

    Not being in the under 21 squad probably done him a power of good, as he should be in the next qualifiers with so many players ineligible for the next qualifying campaign. Now reading my free Metro today to see that Arsenal and Man City are looking at him.

    Got to be a lot of growth left in his value?

  • A brighter prospect than some of those well above him in price. His club is allowing us to get in cheap. Will be at a top four club within the next two years imho.

  • I will bet his price will be lower a week from today along with many other players that are looking a tad top heavy.
    Mid next week some of these players may well look much more an attractive buy than now.

    Just my opinion.

  • True for a lot of players but not sure if true for McNeill - he’s off his peak and yet his star is starting to glisten 👍

  • I held him until the SS and sold for about £70 profit for MB transfer buzz players. I plan to get back on to him for the new season. Solid long-term hold.

  • Quality. Make the most of a creative, 19 year old pl regular at this price. Amazing how people allow the club to put them off. Big transfer to come, but probably next summer.

  • Got on him last season when I watched him put in some quality performances for Burnley. Took a bit of stick when I suggested him last season. Still holding him and currently 115% up on him. Bring on next season!

  • My first buy on here. Being a Burnley fan probably helped with that! Delighted to see him flying up with these links but I’d be happier to see him drop in price and stay at Burnley. He’s a quality player. Will be first name on team sheet next year.

  • @NewUser65631 im a Burnley fan and i joined this website 2 weeks ago, to buy dwight mcneil shares, id monitored him rise 200% he is definately the real deal, long term hold, for sure

  • Newcastle looking at bidding 15m for him, lol is that for one leg.

    This lad will double in price from his current price on football index after a full season he could easily be around £3 if he stays at Burnley with the goals and assist and maybe jump to £4/4.50 with a move to a big club.

    I'm a Burnley fan and Jumped on after seeing him in the first team I'm glad I got 300 shares at 66p and will double that again with another 300 at the start of the season.

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