Market Sale

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry I’m new to this and have just placed some Joao Felix futures to sell at market, placed them this afternoon and still not sold. Is there a time that the sale ends or will they sit there forever?

  • I’ve had 2 shares in de jong all day and they haven’t gone either only spent a tenner to enter the draw today 😂

  • If you're selling to market it all depends on the demand for the player at the time. It's not unusual for them to sit for days. If your player is falling they probably won't sell and be returned to you if your reserve price isn't met. That imo is when you would use IS to get out quick if your player is suspected of tanking. FI quickly recognise this situation and usually IS quickly becomes a very unattractive option due to the spread. Personally I always try to predict a players top price and sell as near to this to market whilst still rising. I find it hard due to FOMO and it invariably happens and I see a player rise another 10/20% after I've sold. Just ask yourself why you are selling and are you happy with the price, otherwise sitting tight is more often the correct solution.

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