How much have you invested?

  • Hi all,

    Just wondered what sort of money people have put into the football Index?

    I’m not in a position to be investing masses atm but I’m going to be adding at every opportunity I get, only joined a week ago and not hit £100 yet.

    I see some people with thousands in it, is this the more common then? Most active members are of high investment?

  • @lostinthedam I'm not going to say exactly how much I've put in, In case my missus ever sees this but it's a fair bit more than £100. I think FI is a great way to make a bit of money with the excitement of gambling but without the same level of risk that is involved in football accumulators.

    I personally have been putting bits of money in also at every opportunity for nearly a year but never put in more than I can afford to lose.

    Sorry to sound like a boring dad type but this does get very addictive and I've been tempted on many occasions to throw a fortune at it. Don't be too disappointed if you are in the red sometimes, be patient and things will improve.

  • I have invested 11k now worth 15k the index is still rocketing and the world cup could be a game changer if we attract another 100k users. Imagine how much Neymar could be and I would encourage anyone to invest money they could lose I started with 200 quid slowly built it up

  • Started with 100 quid since then invested a chunky 4 figures because the platform works for me. Never invested more than I could afford to lose though. It would be so easy to throw money at it so you need self control. Just think long term and enjoy the ride

  • @lostinthedam i have 5k in FI. And I add every month 200 GBP to my account.

  • Right now I have £75 in and plan to invest around £15-£30 a month for the foreseeable future.

  • I've got 4k in. I plan to bring that up to 5k. The rest of players brought after will be from the dividends I receive.

  • In total I've invested around £2.5k which I've managed to turn into around £2.85k in 4 months, and that includes doing EVERYTHING wrong at the beginning, I started off with £100 to get a feel for it, then moved more into the index when I saw the earning potential that was in the index.

  • I put in around £20 a week, currently put in just over £200

  • Started with £100 and still not put more in. Still trying to understand it and even though I can make small steady gains fairly consistently through nothing more than patience and regular checking of prices I am not happy to put more in, even disposable income, unless there's improvements to availability and presentation of data.

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