Quincey Promes and David Neres

  • So Ajax have completed the signing of Quincey Promes from Sevilla. Is this the sign that Neres is leaving?

    Will he be media buzz post the Copa?

    Reports are suggesting both Liverpool and Everton are interested?

    Any thoughts?

  • @Ringers held Nere's through Ajax's run in CL and felt he was talented enough but seemed to fade in the games I watched. I think he may find it a bit overwhelming in the PL initially and feel Klopp would be the best manager to nurse him through the first season if he does indeed sign.

    His performances so far for Brazil have been in the Copa America have been much the much less and leads me to think he is still adapting to a bigger stage. For me I hold and will continue to. I also hold Quincy Promes and although I rate him he is one I shall be selling in the next couple of days ready for reinvestment on any drops in my port.

  • @fantasyindex Liverpool would be preferable to Everton from a price and prospects POV.

    Why are you holding on to sell QP, he’s only going one way at the mo??

  • @Ringers No reason really I just asked myself that. Had a long day and just sat down to do a bit of housekeeping on my port and saw your post. I will rid myself shortly I think as I have a couple of players I want to get into if their prices drop as predicted over the next week or so.

  • So Neres continues to drop, Everton are favs to sign him should he leave Ajax which I don't see doing much for a £1.82 player. Is there much scope for a rise here or time to cut losses and move on?

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