Arsenal - Signing Fekir?

  • Morning Guys! I just dropped my latest blog post. This time a special focus on Arsenal and all the French players they have been linked with this summer. Which will happen? Which won't? And what does it all mean for Football Index...? Come and take a look!!

  • So.... Arsenal aren't signing a lot of players.

    Also, not sure about this on Benjamin Bourigeaud; "Goals, assists and passes for the last two seasons with Rennes. That is PB. "

    His PB average last season was 64, with three highest scores of 163, 141, 136. That is not PB.

  • @Keegans-Bluff said in Arsenal - Signing Fekir?:

    That is not PB.


    Yeah suprisingly poor pb for the amount of g+a

    Although looking at the teams averages I would expect bourigeads pb scores to increase by about 10% when he moves to arsenal

    Good article though. Think fekir would be a great buy.
    Agree with other verdicts.
    Suprised unai hasn't been linked with ben yedder yet. Altho i don't think that would happen anyway.

    Think they'll end up signing tierney saliba carrasco + some cm.

  • I have only Saliba mentioned in the article (although I have other French players not mentioned). He is currently 12p in the green, but has been higher and I have taken profits a couple of times. I bought for MB transfer buzz, but I might keep as a long-term hold.

  • @Keegans-Bluff That is true. However, playing for a superior side with more posession, set piece opportunities and utilising his crossing ability would see his PB improve. In addition, at his value, you're not seeking regular PB wins to generate a decent ROI.

  • @LuaLua Agree on all of that. Fekir would be a fantastic buy for Arsenal. Saliba is the one I am most excited about. Such a talent!

  • @Londoner I'm definitely holding for the medium to long term. I think he should be able to challenge for PB if he stays for one more season in Ligue 1....

  • Be surprised if Fekir goes Arsenal, especially with how close he was to going to Liverpool it would just be a step down and no offense but I think he can do better than Arsenal and they've got no champions league

  • @FIGenesis Perhaps, but I think that's really optimistic. I mean, they are really poor PB scores, especially for a midfielder who scored 7 goals and 2 GWG last season.

    I'd also like to share your optimism that Fekir (who really is a prime PB pick) could join Arsenal, but I'd be very surprised as there has been no contact and it seems Arsenal's transfer budget is very limited. Seems he may well be off to Milan.

    Good knowledge of French assets as always, however.

  • Bloody Fekir has bent me right over and stuck one right up me!!!!!

    -39p a share and counting..... I hope your gut feeling is right and he moves to a Prem club. LFC would be ideal : )

    You're the man with these write ups!

  • @Failtips I know the feeling. Quickly becoming my biggest loser. 50p for me.... needs a nice move to the premiership and quick!!

  • don't panic too much if you are holding Fekir. A move to an Premier League club - and particularly Liverpool - was/is built into his price, but he is a proven PB winner still if that doesn't happen. He was simply unlucky not to win more last season. He's still of a good age, and if he stays injury free, should be coming into his prime.

  • @Keegans-Bluff wise words 👍🏽 I guess I’ll have to sit on my hands and ride him out.

  • @Keegans-Bluff This is exactly right. His price will keep falling until a move is confirmed. If it is Prem his price will rise again, if not.....then it will fall a bit more. He is though PB friendly and that means that once the season starts he should start to see rises with every solid PB performance. Last season was his worst in a while, he was fatigued/injured and his head was in Liverpool.

  • @Failtips Fear not on Fekir. He will be fine wherever he ends up. You might need to ride a little further falling....thanks for reading the blog though!!!

  • Arsenal would spend 40mil on getting 2 defenders nacho at real and Bednarek at Southampton both for about £15/£20 million each youth and experience! Look emery I don’t want to tell you how to do ya job or nothing but there are 2 needed good players at the right price

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