Robert skov transfer

  • Robert skov linked with spurs excellent talent would do great in the premier league

  • He's on the move at last! 2p in the green for me.

  • Jesus 29 goals in 34 games! Not a bad return, even in the Danish Superliga, one of the bigger teams will surely take a chance on him. Wolves and Spurs both linked.

  • @TopTalentScout said in Robert skov transfer:

    Jesus 29 goals in 34 games!

    Which is a Danish league record. You can throw 9 in 13 for Danish u-21's too, the guy can play that's for sure. If EPL comes true he can hit £1.50 short term.

  • Recently out of Skov. Got on what seems like ages ago when he was a while ago when he was around 0.40p mark so made a nice profit, don't know what will happen with his price and he may go on to hit £1.50 but personally I'm glad I'm out now.

    Think his price is a little unstable so could drop without reason (and I know it could rise) but he's done good for me so will be interesting to see what happens without actually being involved with it

  • @NeaviePops23 said in Robert skov transfer:

    I'm glad I'm out now.

    Which bit of moving to a PB league do you see as problematic??

    Prices will change but this is only early in his career progression & still so much potential to discover. I bought at 36p but won't be looking to cash in before his price starts with a 2 or maybe even 3. Just look at players such as Maddison, CHO, Zaniolo as what can be achieved if he proves a success for a team like Spurs.

  • @NewUser159387

    I never said anything about a move to the premier league being problematic. Think if he does move (against the advice of the national coach might I add) that he has the chance to do very well. But the premier league history books are riddled with numerous players who had great potential and never made it.

    Maddison and CHO have the young and English thing going for them, whilst Zaniolo is hovering around the £1.60 mark, Skov could get there but I don't see him reaching the £3-£4 mark in the immediate future. I wish those who hold onto him all the best, but for me I've taken my profits and can invest them elsewhere.

  • I think talking about Skov getting to £3-£4 are unrealistic at the moment. With a spurs transfer he could easily get to £1.50 but from there it all depends on how he performs for them. If he hits the ground running and scores a few early goals he could rise considerably, but nowhere near the £3-£4 bracket.

    I think he's a good investment with a few clubs interested so it'll go on for a couple of weeks at least.

    If he can be a consistent goal scorer in a PB league (preferably EPL) he could be massive, but that's a big if. He's definitely got talent but I think a move to somewhere like wolves would be more beneficial for him in the long run

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