Callum Hudson Odoi

  • £4.29 do any of you see this getting any higher? I’m thinking he will sign long term for Chelsea and Lampard, but seen as he’s barely kicked a ball it’s seems a bit high. Any thoughts guys ?

  • Fantastic player, will run rings round ANYONE.

    Still not played enough without proving he hasn’t got glass bones.

    Risk imo and at that price some have already taken that risk.

    Better options for price atm.

  • Personally CHO is a no brainer, I hold already since prior to injury. May seem to be better options out there but as a long term hold for me definitely, especially as Lampard is arriving. Bayern have still been sniffing around even with him being injured.

  • Good points, I’m in 2 minds on what to do 👍

  • Think he’s a good hold, hazard & possibly pogba leaving leaves big holes to fill in MB & PB, we’ve seen CHO can fill the MB & has the talent to be a success on the pitch

  • I think Chelsea are in for a tough season - with the transfer ban and losing Hazard they're just not going to have a big enough squad to cope with the demands of the Champions League as well. My gut feel is they wont finish in the top 6 next season - although that may not necessarily be a bad thing for the MB of the likes of CHO.
    Of course, I could be totally wrong and Lampard turns them into a real force - that's what makes football great as none of us know and we purely speculate.

  • Really tempted to get a lot more money stuck into CHO. I see the last month he has gone up quite significantly, I presume this was prompted by his ‘I’m back’ tweet? He is in fact only back training with the Under 23 squad but Lampard said earlier this week...

    Lampard went on to reveal when he thinks Hudson-Odoi will be back in action.

    'Probably next month considering the international break maybe falling at a good time for us. It gives us a couple of weeks to really see how he’s getting on with the conditioning training.‘

    Is he due a huge price rise when he’s back in the first team squad? I know his price now is more or less as high as it’s ever been, but I can’t help but feel this could be a good opportunity.

  • @NewUser252969 The way the index is going at the min if he comes back and scores he will probs cost £7 lol

  • I invested in cho back in the summer

    He will only rise and see sancho as a benchmark for how high he can go

    Both are the same age and England stars ( Chelsea media darling)

    Pretty sure he got more media attention then sancho too when England played

    Safest bet as can only rise from an injury

  • @Sill7 said in Callum Hudson Odoi:

    @NewUser252969 The way the index is going at the min if he comes back and scores he will probs cost £7 lol

  • I was late getting in on CHO, had tracked him for ages but kept putting off thinking I'd missed the spike when he kept going up and up. In the end I got involved in March @ £3.60, bit of a rise and then queue injury but as everyone can see his price hasn't dropped below £4 since middle of June and it's looking like it's only going up (unless he breaks down upon his return).

  • Cheers for the opinions 👍 can only agree with what you’ve all said. The way Lampard has picked players so far it looks like he’ll be getting plenty of starts for Chelsea too.

  • Looking at the price of Sancho, CHO is starting to look good value to me. Only going to soar when gets back in team in a few weeks and then in run up to the Euros. Anyway I've convinced myself to top up 🙂

  • Given where Sancho is, I expect CHO to be on the £5 mark easily as he comes back from injury. With a couple of good games, that will be £5.50.

  • @kristiang85 CHO really hasn't proven himself yet, for him to get to Sancho's price he'd need to be bagging plenty of goals/assists imo.

  • I Think there is a lot of pressure on him, be interesting to see what Lampard does with him.
    It’s almost like chelsea need to rely on him to be brilliant which is a bit worrying, he should be playing bit part’s and playing in easy games - like mount to be honest.
    I worry for chelsea could be a disaster this season imo.

  • @Sacred unpopular opinion: Sancho still has things to prove too. I've seen him live and was a bit disappointed. Yes he's got a few goals and assists in Bundesliga, but I'm sure CHO would have too. Not saying Sancho shouldn't be higher in price but a gap of almost £2.50 per future seems excessive.

  • @Hotspur I think the early indications are that Sancho may be taking another big step up this season. I assume you mean you saw him live for Dortmund v Spurs (judging by your username)? Vertonghen was incredible in that match but Sancho looked promising early on. I don't think that performance is reflective of Sancho's quality though. He looks capable to turning in very big PB scores as well as the inevitable media interest in him, so I really see him maintaining his presence towards the top of the index for the foreseeable future.

  • Sancho wasnt very impressive in that game against Tottenham i have to say. But what i will say os that i watched all dortmunds televised games last season and sancho is like nothing else. You know how when you were a kid you’d watch a match with your favourite player in it and expect to be amazed but usually ended up disappointed or expecting something more. Well sancho isnt that, every game he plays i find he continues to amaze it puts me in mind of watching brazil and Ronaldinho.

    I looked forward to that tottenham game thinkin here we go this is when he sets fire to the index but it was the first time i could actually say he gad a bad game. Maybe the premier league teams are a level above or maybe it was nerves for him back playing in such a big game in front of fans close to home.

    This season he’ll be in the spotlight a lot more and a lot of people will really see what hes capable of

  • @Hotspur A few? 13 goals and 19 assists in all comps as an 18 year old playing in a top 5 league is incredible. Most 28 year old wingers can only dream of that return.

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