Callum Hudson Odoi

  • £4.29 do any of you see this getting any higher? I’m thinking he will sign long term for Chelsea and Lampard, but seen as he’s barely kicked a ball it’s seems a bit high. Any thoughts guys ?

  • Fantastic player, will run rings round ANYONE.

    Still not played enough without proving he hasn’t got glass bones.

    Risk imo and at that price some have already taken that risk.

    Better options for price atm.

  • Personally CHO is a no brainer, I hold already since prior to injury. May seem to be better options out there but as a long term hold for me definitely, especially as Lampard is arriving. Bayern have still been sniffing around even with him being injured.

  • Good points, I’m in 2 minds on what to do 👍

  • Think he’s a good hold, hazard & possibly pogba leaving leaves big holes to fill in MB & PB, we’ve seen CHO can fill the MB & has the talent to be a success on the pitch

  • I think Chelsea are in for a tough season - with the transfer ban and losing Hazard they're just not going to have a big enough squad to cope with the demands of the Champions League as well. My gut feel is they wont finish in the top 6 next season - although that may not necessarily be a bad thing for the MB of the likes of CHO.
    Of course, I could be totally wrong and Lampard turns them into a real force - that's what makes football great as none of us know and we purely speculate.

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