Nicolo Barella - one to watch

  • Brilliant talent, great season last year at Cagliari. Had a good showing in the u21s.
    Inter are expected to sign him but Cagliari are holding out for 50 million euros. PSG are also interested but Inter are favorites sign him. I've got a couple of Italian friends who are Cagliari fans and they both expect him to go.
    He's currently sitting around £1.09 - How much do people think he can rise with a big move to Inter or PSG?

  • @RedTip
    I’m a huge fan of Barella and I think he’s underrated on FI.
    For his FI price PSG would be the better move as it’s a weaker league and they dominate possession which leads to great PB scores. I think he’ll end up at Inter myself - but I still expect him to deliver a few PB wins.
    Should be at least £1.50 in my opinion

  • If he gets a move to PSG then he could really flourish. Young players are attracting silly money on FI at the moment so solid room for growth on £1.09.

  • My friends have been raving about him for the past year, well before I was on FI. I'm just reluctant to go in in case he doesn't leave. From what I've seen he's a brilliant long term hold but for this window I am not 100%.

  • I think he is a very talented player. I bought him for MB transfer buzz after he said the PL was “beautiful". When Inter came in, he almost bit their hand off. He went into the red and I sold him. A lot of foreign players mention the PL in order to frighten their target club to offer an increased deal. I think he'll stay in Italy, but I won't get back on him unless he comes to the PL.

  • @Londoner Im 90% sure he'll sign for Inter, but I also believe he'll become the key component of that midfield - and not Brozovic. He's also already a key part of the Italian midfield and I believe he's gonna be a very good PB player once he's at Inter and has better players around him than he has at Cagliari.

  • Inter fan here - he will arrive and start every single game. Inter are making some possible good buys in this window but Barella will be the main transfer!!

  • Would just like to bring this thread tonight with the news that Roma have now agreed a deal with Cagliari. How's everyone's holds doing?

  • Transfer to Inter completed tonight. On loan for the first season then £50m over time

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