£100 per week?

  • Random question and I guess it would be hard to answer as a lot of variables. I know there are people on FI that make a lot of money.

    Anyone averaging £100/pw ish, how much is your portfolio worth?

    I joined FI approx 6 months ago and deposit £500, I've not made any more deposits or withdrawals, portfolio is now £625 and received £32 in dividends.

    I'm averaging £20 per month at the minute but still relatively new to FI and still learning, with more experience I guess I would of made more with the same amount invested!

  • Hard to say. Thats about what i'm aiming for. I'm hoping for 5% a month average. On that bases you would need roughly an 8k portfolio.

    I've been on two months. First month in a quiet May I 'only' made £220 off 4k portfolio.

    This month I've now increased it to 10k but have made £1400 this month and counting.

    No idea what to expect. Trying to lower my expectations and realise it's not going to be like this every month!

  • I have just over £10,000 invested from a £5000 investment and made £344 this week but that is an exceptional week. Profits are usually over £100 per week though (Thats only 1% pw/50x what you would get in the bank).

  • Thanks for your replies guys, great effort!

    Hopefully one day I'll get to the same level!

  • I've recorded my port value at the start of every day since the middle of April.
    In that time I've made an average of £19.90 a day or £139 a week on a £5k deposit (2.7% ROI a week). Some days in June I've made 1% ROI a day some 0.1% so really can vary depending whats happening in the market.
    This is a strange time with all of the bonus stuff going on so expect the average to drop into next season.
    Will be interesting to get a few months of steady trading and see what happens to the numbers!

  • @welshmatt983 just worked mine out (my calcs may be bullshit but if I'm right, since I joined 2 years ago I've made on average nearly 12% of my overall investment every month since.

    Chuffed to bits.

  • I'm on roughly £100 a week since I started on FI; current port is £7600ish, with £5000 total investment (£1000 in December, £3000 in January, £1000 in June).

    My strategy is diversity - I have 114 players, and I just roll with the index really.

  • @kristiang85 Thats excellent, I only have 20 players in my portfolio!

  • I’ve deposited £1800 and my port is now worth £2560

    I joined in March 16th 2019. It was slow to start but has risen last 2 weeks by average £100 a week yes

  • @welshmatt983 if you look at the footie tracker on index gain you would have needed a circa £4k pot to make £400 over the last month if your pot grew with the index as a whole.

    When you add in dividends / commission / deposit bonuses this figure becomes very arbitrary though.

    You will see that players regularly go up 20 / 30 /65+% in 24 hours so if you catch one of them right you could make it off your current port or equally lose it.

    What is your current strategy out of interest? Making 25% in 6 months is nothing to worried about in any case.

  • Joined 14/03/2019

    Put in £1,205.00

    Current Port Value £1,537.28 with £29.69 Balance = £1,566.97

    15 weeks tomorrow = £361.97 / 15 = £24.14 per week.

    30.039 % increase.

    I'm shite compared to most people on here, but I look at it this way - I have not lost a bet in 15 weeks, and I would have not earnt that % in any bank account, even at 2% commission and a couple of % drop in price for putting people on the sales queues, I would still be looking at a nice 20% + return on my coin.

    I'm happy with that, not life changing amounts, but a great way to increase my savings and enjoy my hobby.

  • I started just before the world cup (so about 56 weeks) and have topped up at varying intervals and my total spend is not far off £100 / week and I'm just under 50% up on that investment at this point.

    I've had about 12-15% total return from just dividends and reinvested all of that money.

    It all seems good, but there's definitely a Ponzi scheme effect of new investors raising the prices of players. I'm hoping that the traders are contributing a lot of profit for Football Index, because I don't see them making too much from me as it stands with my longer term trading!

  • I just worked mine out weekly and have found myself to be making £665 a week. Massively chuffed with that! The last 10 days have been crazy though as I’ve made around £2.5k. Expecting a drop off next week but currently very happy with the platform after 5 months on the index! 🚀

  • its accelerating towards the end of the month. Factor in a slight drop off,

  • @Milnerman Nice one mate.

    I am like yourself starting early Feb this year and learning all the time.
    Better than having money do nowt in the bank and on top of all that a really enjoyable way to make money.

    We should take nothing for granted mind you as markets can go either way but all you can do is research and research a bit more and have a little bit of luck and maybe we all come out of it smiling😉

  • I am averaging over £165 a month for 4 months now, roughly £41. That's on £1850 investment.
    £100 a week easily done at the moment.
    Won't always be like that.

  • Invested 13000 port value is 14200 and earned just over£80 in dividends expecting some sort of drop of soon but hopefully won’t be more than the bonus I receive

  • @Dannybeavs what investment have you made caus that’s awesome returns?

  • @welshmatt983 said in £100 per week?:

    Anyone averaging £100/pw

    I believe it's realistic to average 1%/month, taking into account dividends & bonus promo's, so on that basis a £40k portfolio would allow £100/wk withdrawals.

    Over the last year there have been boom times but also periods of stagnation, we are currently in a high growth period, partly due to SS & deposit bonus, as well as the increased advertising drive bringing in lots of extra users. Active traders can achieve higher returns than 1%/mth but over the longer term 1% is a very reasonable target IMHO.

  • My total deposits are £400 with my portfolio currently worth just over £562 which is about 40% increase.

    So far in June my value has increased by about £35 which is obviously over £1 a day. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that but I’m quite happy with the way it’s ticking over at the moment

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