Number 1 FI Player by July 2020

  • Predictions on who will be number 1 this time next year?

  • Messi, Neymar or Pogba if he stays at man utd till next summer

  • @Millzy27 Euro's this time this next year so I'm gonna say one of:
    Sancho - a summer of Euro 2020 couple with a mega move to Utd for MB will send his price sky high.
    Mbappe - similar scenario with Euro 2020 and a big move to Madrid.

    A lot of traders are very short-term now so I think Neymar will be knocked off in a summer where European football will dominate the media. Pogba will obviously be thereabouts if still at Man Utd.

  • @janner73 fair point i wasn’t considering the summer sell off i was just thinking towards the end of the season. In reality i believe Messi should be the king of the index he’s the most consistent PB earner and gets a good amount of MB too with Neymar very similiar but younger but looking injury prone of late

  • @Black-wolf Messi is a legend but given the age bias he'll struggle to be king. Having said that I do believe, at his price, he's still a good value hold given the amount of dividends he returns but I don't see him growing at the rate of the rest of the index and wouldn't be surprised if he's not in the top 10 this time next year.

  • Greenwood is my outside bet after having a great breakthrough season...
    Here's hoping!!!
    Realistically it will be ney ney or mbappe

  • Sterling I'd say. He will improve again, he's British, he will step up the anti-racism campaigning as the situation in the UK detiorates, he will win more trophies with Man City, and be a big player at the Euros.

  • Mbappe all day long

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