Manager Stocks?

  • I think it would be great for the game if Manager stocks were added, what a volatile and fun market that could be?

  • @NewUser120101 they said they looked at it and mourinho just won all the time

  • There are plenty of Characters out there now to compete with him!

  • I'm not sure there are...

  • @NewUser120101 Haha, putting aside the fact that article is from 2013, all it does is list some managers! Klopp, Wenger and Pep are the only ones who get anywhere near the media attention of Mourinho, and I suspect if you really analysed it (as presumably FI did), Jose would still be well ahead of those three. Once you add in PB and the element of predicting the sack race I admit it sounds kind of interesting, but I think if it would really work, they'd have looked into it more seriously by now. At the end of the day, there's only one manager for every squad of 20-odd players, so just way less to work with in an index.

  • Then one gets sacked and you are up shit street lol

  • @NewUser120101 not for me. Someone else mentioned this a while back. There's already too many non descript players without diluting the game further with non descript managers as well.

  • i don't see 'Mourinho' winning all the time any different to that of Neymar, Messi or Kane winning MB all the time... To counter-act it why not just change the way MB works to penalise negative press?? I've mentioned in a previous post though I would love to see a game like FI that was solely for Managers... Volatility would be awesome but higher risk could lead to higher gain and i don't see why the likes of Guardiola, Klopp, Wenger, Poch, even ZZ, Valverde, Allegri etc can't all challenge Mourinho even in the present format?

  • @dannypea Salah is currently top, with Hazard, Isco and Mahrez all in reach of the top 3 - there's definitely way more variety among players. And as we've seen with all the Sanchez tax mess, it would be a big effort to manually remove any articles considered negative. Personally I just don't think it would work that well, but maybe one day we'll get to find out for real!

  • I currently read Salah, Neymar, Messi... Last night was Neymar, Sanchez, Salah.... We've had two weeks of Sanchez and most days a top ten valued player wins mb .... so not really much variety and as mentioned i don't see how Mourinho can dominate when the likes of Wenger and Conte in recent weeks have had job scrutiny... it might not be for you and thats fine, but it would interest me and i'm sure its a workable idea for someone (perhaps a competitor) even if it doesnt work for FI. I like it and would certainly play

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