Nahitan Nandez

  • RodrigoRomano76 on twitter!

  • why buy him? What's he like?

  • Great move for him and for holders if does sign for Lyon. Plenty of growth potential there.

  • I piled in a bit yesterday when I first heard he was guaranteed to leave Boca. That Italian passport makes things a bit more simple and we've seen a fair few Uruguayans in the Prem. He'd fly like an eagle if he signed on these shores.

  • @Cameron-Duffy is that really a reliable source to confirm a move? He also says in his tweet Torreira to Italy but Torreirs has come out and said hes not had any offers. Don't get me wrong id love Nandez to move from Boca as I hold but id question the source. If he's right I'll follow him for life but I am unsure if his tweet "confirms he moves"

  • A quick search show that in the last fewonths he's been linked with Leeds, Newcastle and Arsenal and in January Leicester so at 55p there's huge potential.

  • I'm in for 100 (I dont have the bankroll of most!). Prem move has to be the ideal outcome?

  • I bought into him this morning and from the reports I read it looks like Lyon are the favourites to sign him. Obviously a prem move would be best but Lyon would be great for him aswel. He's a bargain at 57p. There's unlikely to be any deals done for a couple of weeks though, they'll have to wait until after the Copa America.

    He looks like he could be a good PB player, box to box midfielder, good tackling, carries the ball forward well, good passer, scores goals. He reminds me a bit of the player that Jack Wilshire should have been

  • @Wils86 said in Nahitan Nandez:

    I'm in for 100 (I dont have the bankroll of most!). Prem move has to be the ideal outcome?

    To be honest, the PB potential at Lyon will be greater, more single PB days, more first team opportunities than at a top Prem team and better opportunities than a mid table Prem team.
    (Alliteration always has MB potential! Think Paul Pogba, Didier Drogba. Wild comparisons just now, I know, but to be factored into potential price.)

  • Has dipped to 50p but reports resurfacing of move to a PB league today. Cagliari seems most likely, to replace Barella.

  • @Hotspur looks as though Barella is joining Inter and medical is happening today so I would expect to see some Nahitan news in next few days too.

  • @Shippers @Hotspur both probably seen already but the Cagliari link is still very much there. Offer submitted according to the media.

  • Been holding this guy for a few days. Hoping he makes a move

  • Deal done for move to Cagliari🚀

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