Profit / Loss confused

  • Whenever I instant sell a player my profit/loss seems to go down by quite a bit mote than any total cost and commission.

  • @NewUser92367 do you mean your actual p&l or just what the FI app/website screen shows? The p&l on FI is incorrectly named... It is just the current difference between your cost price and value. So if you sell a player who was £100 in the green... Your "p&l" figure will go down by £100... Your total port value will go down by £100+commission+spread.
    The p&l column should just be called variance...if I could hide it from sight I would as it is of no use in decision making.

  • @Vespasian32 yes the p/l on screen FI is showing. Not sure how if there’s a quick way to work it out then unless I use a spreadsheet, cheers

  • @NewUser92367 your p n l is...
    Total deposits - ((current port value * 0.98) + current balance + total withdrawals)

    Where I've put 0.98 that's a bit generous as that is your market value less commission. You might want to apply your own valuation there to include commission and the likelihood of selling at market rate vs IS price. I tend to do 0.95 as most IS spread is 3% ish.

  • @Vespasian32 thanks folks. I’m assuming the pot value is based on the buy value of players, and when you put in the sell queue it can’t go higher than 1p less than this value, then there’s the 2% commission as well.

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