Dutch League

  • Will the Dutch League ever be included in performance buzz ? Or am I just a complete fucking twit ?

  • @NewUser107024 it isn't one of the top 5 leagues in Europe so doubt it. Doesn't stop you buying playing in the Dutch league though.

  • If any more need adding I'd say they're the prime candidate!

    I'd love to see FI bring in more leagues even if it meant offering smaller dividends and keeping them separate from the main game. In fact I wonder whether bringing in the Canadian, Swedish and Irish leagues would make the platform more appealing to those new countries coming in. I'm sure they've contemplated it.

  • It's obviously something to be discussed smaller dividend would have legs in my eyes.

  • @Agatello I'd expect larger dividends due to more players

  • But would be tricky to sort out. Is there a boost for CL performance buzz as opposed to Europa League ? I don't whether to go down that path. But have anyway so somebody shoot me down.

  • @Noirx4 said in Dutch League:

    @Agatello I'd expect larger dividends due to more players

    I meant keeping the Dutch League or any others in their own sub category with smaller dividends rather than making the current system operate on lower divs.

    I can't see it being added to the main system as there's plenty of traders out there crying over the amount of IPO's already - even though the main players are still rising in value and their Media Buzz dividends have been protected.

  • Personally, on the basis that a large volume of players have been added in recent months , making PB more difficult to win. I'd like to see the top 3 defenders, mids & forwards being paid out.

  • @NewUser100355 I don't think you'll find many that disagree with you there, although I still don't think PB is that difficult to win.

  • They are not changing dividends, the PB have just been introduced and they are staying as they are for some time

  • Well....... if they continue to add players at the rate they are, both diluting the market & making PB more difficult to win & don't revisit their dividend payout structure. Then they will lose members IMO.

  • @NewUser100355 they doubled PB dividends back in November when they started ipo ing may well do it again in future

  • I think they'll have to. It's comparable to backing a horse in at 12/1 In a 20 runner race. Then making it a 100 runner race but the bookmakers leaving the odds at 12/1.

    I was late to the party with FI. There's a group of ten or so of us at work who are all members & there's a lot of grumbling about this very point. 2 have since withdrawn their cash on the basis with a smaller portfolio PB is no longer an earner & a few others are considering doing the same.

    I hope the powers that be look in to this soon before they lose a large volume of their customer base

  • @NewUser100355 they add new players since a few months and the users base grows and grows. So i think the new players make FI more attractive because you are able to buy future topstars like probably Sabitzer or Fiete Arp very early for a good price.

  • @NewUser100355 I think the problem football index has is everyone expects to make £100 a week from week one. It's a slow burn there is money to be made but you need realistic targets not 20% a month

  • Personally I think there is huge potential buying young players from the Dutch leagues, Ajax have a decent history of producing and then selling on very good young players. A bit of research could show potential bargains that may explode in value in the future

  • @NewUser100355 That's a very interesting post, can I ask what type of people your group of 10 consist of?

    I've got a load of mates involved and most of them love an Acca (quick hefty win excitement of course) but I've explained to them like @Noirx4 states above that it won't make you rich quick but if they do their research and plan their portfolio carefully they can sit back, watch it grow nicely and snowball into a decent amount over the year whilst the Index grows and accelerates in popularity.

    Getting a sizeable portfolio now could be worth a small fortune within a few years.

    Another thing that I've discovered is that Media Buzz is more exciting than I thought it would be. At the beginning I couldn't afford to buy many Kane/Messi/Neymar's from my initial investment and the returns from 10 Kane's was so small I thought that's as boring as sin.

    So I messed around with trying to win PB with minimal research, too many dodgy buy and sells in quick succession and I became the loser whilst others are winning. Then I found my feet and started to understand it much much better, once I'd got enough cash back I started to invest bigger in the top stars - then I found that watching a Biggy win me £7 to £10 most days in a short space of time was pretty damn exciting and PB's are just a cracking bonus.

    It won't be for everyone and where you have winners you must have losers but I'd love to know how a group of mates get on with it in an office environment.

  • i've noticed that plenty people new (and old) to this game are all for change, change, change and the more change the better whilst there's still a few sticklers who hate change and won't tolerate any idea of 'improvement'... not saying anyones wrong... just fun working out who sits on what fence!!!!

    I'm all for more 'top' leagues ie Eredivisie, Portugal, MLS, even Brazil & Argentina but we have a 'top five' that works now so going anymore than a top ten would be a jump too far... I don't see any advantages to having League of Ireland or Allsvensken players as we need to draw the line somewhere or we'll just open up a can of unknown worms on players nobody's ever heard of.

    One thing I would like added though before Holland (as there's been a lot of games this week that have not been accounted for) is adding Cup games to the equation? FA Cup, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia, Coupe de France & the DFB Pokal should all be added in addition to what we have (in my opinion)....

    Don't get me wrong, I actually make better money through MB as that's how my portfolio is organised but a fairer system and a harder system to make money would be through even more PB opportunities which is why having the cup games included is I think the next step!!!!

  • It's growing currently due to advertising campaigns & the fact it's being released in additional countries & don't get me wrong I want to grow as big as possible, I enjoy it & I'm reasonably well invested. However new customers are generally going to struggle to buy the already established regular media winners, at £7 or more a share. So their opportunity to win dividends is going to heavily depend on PB. When on any given Saturday there are 30 or more eligibke fixtures & your midfielders up against 200 others. I think payong top 3 is more than reasonable, to keep the lower & newer investor's interested.

    Food for thought anyway. Not all of us got Messi, Neymar & Kane for a couple of quid!

  • Don't rule out another share split! I think they'll milk the Neymar breaks the £10 barrier and then look at doing it again. As you say unaffordable top stars doesn't make it attractive to the newcomers testing the water.

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